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Lijie Miao

Updated:2008-07-23 17:13 | Source:


  Gender: Female

  Sport: Basketball

  Date of Birth: 1981-06-03


  Will be on home ground this summer as the 27-year-old guard plays for Beijing. Featured in the 2004 Athens Olympics and the 2006 World Championships in Brazil. She was voted Most Valuable Player when China won the 2004 Asian Championships held in Japan. Played one season in the Women's National Basketball Association in the United States, representing the Sacramento Monarchs in 2005 when they won the WNBA championship. She averaged 1.7 points and 0.7 assists per game and fulfilled a lifelong ambition by playing in the WNBA. After this year's Olympics, she hopes to play in the USA again. Courted controversy when she provoked a fight with players from the rival Jilin team during a 2005 WCBA game. She was handed a four-game suspension and a fine of 6,000-yuan [approx. $700]. The other player involved received a two-game ban and a 3,000-yuan fine.

Editor : Liu Anqi

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