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Full coverage: Press conference on MPC/IBC being launched

Updated:2008-07-21 10:14 | Source:

Date:10:00 a.m., Tuesday, July 8

  Venue:Main Press Center (MPC)

Sun Weide, the host of the press conference

  Sun Weide

  Dear friends from the media, welcome to the first press conference of the MPC. Today‘s topic is on the media service of the Beijing Olympic Games. Today, we are honored to have Mr. Sha Wanquan, director of the MPC and IBC venue operation team. We are also honored to invite Mr. Sun Weijia, director of the Media Operation Department of BOCOG. They will brief you on the MPC, IBC and media services. Now let‘s go call on Sha Wanquan.

Sha Wanquan, director of the MPC and IBC venue operation team

  Sha Wanquan

  Ladies and gentlemen, friends from media, good morning. First of all, please allow me on behalf of the MPC media team to express a warm welcome to all our friends present here at the conference.

  Today the main press center for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games is officially opened as scheduled. In the MPC, we will provide the services for the accredited press, photographers and unaccredited broadcasters. The operation time will be from 8am to 10pm from this day to July 23, and it will be 24 hours operation (in full operations) from July 25 to August 27.

  The Chinese government, Beijing Municipal Government and BOCOG have been attaching great importance to the media services. The principle of being kind to media services are put forward. Ever since, BOCOG has always put media service on top of the agenda and the operation of the MPC is on the same guiding principle.

  The MPC is located in the supporting facility of the national convention center, which is located in the Olympic Ring Center Zone. It is within reach of the Water Cube, National Indoor Stadium and Fencing Hall. It is also in the vicinity of the Olympic Village, Media Village and other four competition venues. The easy access has made the coverage much more convenient.

  The Main Press Center has a usable area of 62 thousand square meters, which is the biggest in the Olympic history. It has four levels. And the ideal layout supported by the smooth and convenient horizontal and vertical transport made the MPC the best in the Olympic history.

  There are two media hotels in the supporting facility of the same building. It is directly linked to the MPC, which allows zero distance between work and life for the media, which sets a precedent of the Olympic Games.

  The primary task of media service is to offer affordable working conditions, the professional and efficient facilities in the press work room of the MPC has the best illustrations. And the press working rooms and rental offices are the major working spaces for the journalists.

  There are 971 working stations in the press work room. This figure is the biggest one in the Olympic history and 680 working spaces and work stations are equipped with the plug and internet interface. So, with one Internet IC card, you can log online on your laptops. It can provide efficient telecommunications measures for the media.

  206 working stations and facilities similar to that of the press work room are also available in the photo work room. And it is the first time that the photo work room and the image center are to be integrated into one so that we can enjoy the professional services from the BOCOG. And professional services from the Kodak, Nikon, Cannon are to be integrated together, which makes one-stop services possible.

  The W-LAN and laptop locks with the work stations are in place for the first time for the Summer Games, which can offer convenient and considerate services for the media.

  144 Media organizations have rented 110 offices in the MPC. The two figures are the biggest of the history.

  We have offered good price for the rental offices, net floor and hind concealed wires and other facilities are in use for the first time, which can ensure safe, comfortable and clean services.

  The core of media services is to provide information. We have followed the practices so that we can have the information terminals, Games-time live broadcasting, competition result, print and distribution and front desks in place. In addition, we‘ve also set up a news stand with plenty of varieties of newspaper, magazines and library and all kinds of news desks.

  Frequent press conferences with multiple topics will offer abundant news information for the media. When there is no press conference, the spokesperson will take all kinds of questions raised by journalists.

  In addition, we will organize all kinds of tours for the journalists, so that they can experience on-site coverage. The soul of media service is full of affection. We have been promoting considerate and tailor-made services, friends and journalists are our friends, and your concerns are our concerns.

  To save time for the journalists, we have provided the following facilities: free of charge internet buffet, mobile phone charging stations, Internet IC card lending machine, a bank, a post office, a UPS center, a medical station, a pharmacy, a licensed product shop, a dry cleaning shop, a hair dresser, a travel agency, a convenient store and vending machines.

  We have a media restaurant with varieties, and McDonald‘s, and a coffee house in the MPC. You can enjoy both western and Chinese food. You can enjoy Jiaozi (dumplings) and roast duck, which are traditional within this building, and we will try our best to accommodate the meals of different journalists from different parts of the world, so that you can enjoy the excellent food experience.

  We also have high definition TV sets, a media lounge, a garden, a massage room, a gym, a shower room and other facilities for you to relax.

  Every journalist, who is going to have their birthdays in China, will receive best wishes from us. And other detail of the services will be provided to ensure that the MPC will be the sweet home for journalist.

  We hope that our quality and professional services will make your stay in China a pleasant experience. We will let the world know more about China and to know more about the Beijing Olympic Games.

  We will offer efficient quality, considerate services, and pleasant environment for you to work, to cover the Games. We hope that all the media friends can enjoy the excitement of the Beijing Games and efficiency of the MPC.

  From today on, the MPC is your home, if you feel anything that is not at your convenience, please don‘t hesitate to contact us, we will try our best to improve. I am convinced that with our joint efforts, the media coverage and the services and the operation of the MPC will be a great success. Good luck with your work and hope you have a pleasant stay in China.

Opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics