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Beidaihe Beach Resort

Updated:2008-07-14 16:18 | Source:CRI

    Beidaiheis a famous and scenic summer resort located at the southwest of Qinhuangdao Municipality. An alluring coastal village with a small-town ambience, it provides a welcome break from city life. Its charm lies mostly in the lively inhabitants, bustling night stalls and, of course, the seaside views. From long stretches of pebbled sand to small coves, it is easy for travelers to escape the masses.

  Beidaihe Beach Resort stretches 10km east to west from the Yinjiao Pavillion to the mouth of the Daihe River. In Changli, southwest of Beidaihe, there are also plans to convert a local bathing beach into another resort. This naturally pristine beach, like the rest of Beidaihe Beach Resort, will attract millions of visitors from all over the world each summer.

   The environment around Beidaihe is also beautiful. Mt. Lianfeng, which backs onto the beach, has two peaks covered by abundant green pines and cypresses. Lush vegetation, strange caves, decorated pavilions, secluded paths and winding bridges cover the mountain and make it unique and appealing. Looking down from Wanghaiting (Seaside Pavilion) at the top of the hill, one can see the misty sea in all its majesty and feel carefree and joyous. Moreover, Beidaihe is one of nine famous sun-rise watching spots in China. The Yinjiao Pavilion, on the northwest beach of Beidaihe, is the best place to watch the sun rise. Another way to witness this beautiful morning event is out the window of one of the local trains.

  At the eastern base of Mt. Lianfeng is a park called Lianhuashi (Lotus Stone), named after the several huge rocks standing upright in the shape of a lotus flower. The park also houses the quiet Guanyin Temple in the north, beautifully restored in 1979, and the splendid Zhujia Grave in the east.

  Home to vendors, speed boats and school outings, the locals herald the Tiger Rocks as the central attraction of the middle beach. This rock formation is composed of several huge rocks protruding from the sea like crouching tigers. Standing on one of these rocks, one is fascinated by the beating waves beneath and the vast sea in the distance.

    Yinjiao Stone in the east is one of the most popular attractions of Beidaihe. It is a separate rock with the unique shape of an eagle perched upon it. Groups of wild doves once dwelled in the rock caves there, so it is also known as "Dove Nest". Yinjiao Pavilion is at the peak, where visitors can enjoy watching the powerfully energetic ocean.

Editor : Shi Taoyang

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