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Changing money

Updated:2008-07-10 10:22 | Source:

  Changing Dollars, Euros, Pounds, Yen (Japan), and Wan (Korea) into RMB (人民币) is easy and can be done at any Bank of China. Changing RMB into foreign currency, however, is a little harder. According to law, banks are not allowed change RMB into foreign currency for foreigners. There are two ways to get around this:

  1: Find a Chinese friend. He/she should be able to do it at Bank of China with his/her government I.D.

  2: In many of the banks you can find a person who will “unofficially” change your money. Usually there are people in banks who sit around with a big bag full of money (for better or worse). Although it’s “unofficial”, it’s not exactly a secret, so you can usually just ask a security guard or bank employee where to find one of these people. While it may not seem worthwhile, these people will make enough of a profit from exchange rates eventually, so it works for both parties.

  Note: The Bank of China has many branches all over Shenyang. Ask a taxi driver, police man, or traffic director for “zhōng guó yín háng .” (中国银行)

Editor : Zhang Yun

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