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Recommended Internet Bars

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  E Internet Bar

  Address: No.104, Xi Shuncheng Jie

  Haomiao Internet Bar

  Address: No.204, Xiaodong Lu

  Zhineng Internet Bar

  Address: 300 meters away from the main gate of Liaoning University

  Foreign Consulate in Shenyang:

  American Consulate

  Address: No.52, Shisi Wei Lu, Heping District

  Japanese Consulate

  Address: No.50, Shisi Wei Lu, Heping District

  Russian Consulate

  Address: No.31, Nan Shisi Wei Lu, Heping District

  Consulate of Democratic People's Republic of Korea

  Address: No.37, Beiling Dajie, Huanggu District

  Consulate of Republic of Korea

  Address: No.51, Shisi Wei Lu, Heping District

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Opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics