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Rapidly Developing Post and Communications

Updated:2008-07-10 09:57 | Source:

  The post and communications in Shenyang are rapidly developing. Shenyang has 23 kinds of post services, with total business of 9.9 billion YUAN, 25% increase than that in the last year, among which, 4.1% inc1cease in mails and 20.7% increase in expresses. The information transportation is also developing quickly. The total capacity of the telephone exchanger breaks through 3.03 million, increasing 155,000 than the last year. The fixed telephone users in the rural and urban areas have reached 2,736,000, 17,4% increase than that of the last year. Mobile phone users have reached 2.74 million, increasing 620,000 that that of the last year. There are 930,000 registered internet users.

Editor : Zhang Yun

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