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Dim Sum

Updated:2008-06-16 15:59 | Source:

One delightful breakfast, lunch or afternoon snack you will discover in Hong Kong is dim sum, a meal consisting of delectable small-portioned dishes, steamed or fried in bamboo baskets.

The choice of dim sum to be found in Hong Kong exemplifies the creative genius of southern Chinese chefs, and the breadth and depth of Cantonese cuisine. Among the most popular dim sum dishes, shrimp dumplings (shiu mai), spring rolls and barbecue pork buns (cha sui bao), offer a cross-section of tastes. In traditional teahouses, dim sum is served from trolleys that are pushed by roving waiters who call out the names of the dishes. Customers who are not familiar with the names can always take a look inside the steamer (no one will be offended) before deciding which dish to choose.

Each bamboo steamer or dish of dim sum usually contains two or four items, which are reasonably priced. Some restaurants serve them until midnight, so that diners can enjoy these tasty snacks at any time of the day or night.

Editor : Qin Yongjing

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