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Beijing Ateex Plaza

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  There are more than one hundred and twenty rooms, including double rooms and apartments. The hotel is well ornamented with three star hotel standards. According to international hotel regulations, which consists of central air-conditioning, 24hours Hot water will be supplied, independent bathrooms , telephones which are available for both local and international calls and closed-circuit system,electronics password safe-deposit box. The hotel is well functioned with restaurants which can accommodate a hundred people, two meeting rooms which can hold thirty and fifty people respectively, a shopping store, a hairdressing center, a business center and a laundry.

  Bus Routes:62、847、807、713、406、984、422

  Address:No.21 Easten Street, Chaoyang district, Beijing

  Telephone: 64946688


  Fax: 64948180


Editor : Zhu Jia

Opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics