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Beijing Hongtian Hotel

Updated:2008-06-16 14:56 | Source:

  Lodging service unit introduce The Bejing Hongtian Hotel is located to chaoyang District Asian Olympic Village small camp road5, East neighbouning airport, West neighbour Olympic main conference site. South neighbour Beijing station.North neighbour Badaling highway .Existing guest room 88,Upscale guestroom Four Sets ,standard guest room84 sets. But dispossible admits 180passengers.

  Lodging service unit function The guesthouse is equipped with the conference room. Dining room café .Cosmetology barber shop.Shopping supermarkert .Ticket clerk center . The room spacious bright Well appointed, Neat and clean .The conference room may arrange 40-50person of small conference .The dining room may disposable had 60people to dine,.Forms ets, lives, a leisure body service systerm .

  The hotel peripheral information introduce The hotel is located nearby the Asian Olympic village small camp road main street peripheral has Beichen.Huatang the shopping center. The Chinese nation garden .in 2008Olympic games host conference site and Olympic game forest park .The small camp synthesizes the market, the Chinese old shop rice fragrant village provisions shop .Chinese old shop wuyutai the tea merchert .

  Location:15km from railway station, 16km from airport Bus Routes: 602、628、62、yuntong110、386、836、804

  Address:No.5 Xiaoying road, Chaoyang district, Beijing

  Telephone: 51313455


  Fax: 51313187


Editor : Zhu Jia

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