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Century Hotel

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  The full name of century Hotel is century classical training center of Beijing ,which is a cconomic hotel and mainly contain and conference .hotel locates in the extend line of changan street and provided with convenient traffic .fresh air .comfortable and elegant environment and warm and considerate service.

  The hotel have three models of housekeeping food and Beverage Department boardroom :good –sized ,medium-sized,(they can hold 10to 180 people ,according to guest different requirement),business center ,Department of trade ,rooms for card games and different forms of chess ,pingpong room ,billiards room ,Gymnasium ,and Basketball field ,courtyard can accommodate more than 60vehicles of adequate parking and greenbelt around for a lengthy tine and walk . Guest room department :the department provides with a total of 65 sets of three floors .newly renovated guest rooms .which were separated into standard room .common room .suit room .every guest room was arranged some establishments for example .telephone .air condition .toilet .shower bath (24 hour provide heat water)CATV and desk dresser. Food and beverage department: the department was composed of eleven single package houses,hall ,and large multi –purpose room and hold 300people repast at the same time ,restaurant mainly deal in some characteristic menu ,for example Donkey meat popular and regular fare,provideing breakfast and midnight meal ,which are economic benefits,clean and healthy ,and elegancy environment ,she is your ideal choice for friend meet,business dinner,and marriage banquet.

  East of design institute of china shipbuilding and computer specialist academy .villa district of kangcheng is 500 metres south ,western drove ten minutes to reach the entrance of Happy valley .

  Bus Routes:397、382、731

  Address: No.3 Shuangqiaozhong road, Chaoyang district,Beijing

  Telephone: 85390889


  Fax: 85390875


Editor : Zhu Jia

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