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Changsha Hotel of Beijing

Updated:2008-06-16 14:56 | Source:

  Changsha Hotel, the Subordiante enterprise of Beijing liaison office, Changsha Municipal Government, is a window of Changsha Municipal Government in Beijing. Changsha Hotel, Which is well equipped, is composed by the Guest Room Department, Cafeteria, Leisure Centre, Commerce Centre, Coffee Room, and so on. Changsha Hotel takes safe. Comfortable, clean environment and kind, warm, excellent services as the objective, specialized at Hunan feeling, Hunan style, and Hunan taste, offering a series of the board, lodging, enterainment, Government affairs services. Changsha hotel is a good choices for customers.

  Changsha Hotel is located at NO.112 building, Huizhongbeili, Chanyang District, Beijing, Only 500 meters next to the Olympics village east, and only 1000 meters next to Beichen Shopping Centre and piaoliang Yangguang Square. Changsha Hotel owns superior geographical position, and convenience transportation.

  Address:No. 112, Huizhongbeili, Chaoyang District, Beijing

  Telephone: 64800088

  Fax: 64859600


Editor : Zhu Jia

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