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Qinhuangdao Brief Introduction

Updated:2008-06-11 21:18 | Source:

  Qinhuangdao, literally Qin Emperor's Island, was named after an emperor of the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BC), who came to this area looking for pills of longevity. The city was opened as a seaport in 1898, and nowadays it has developed from a tiny fishing village into one of the biggest ports in northern China.

  While Qinhuangdao at the end of the nineteenth century was a seed of the seaport that it was to become, Beidaihe was growing on a different path. Wealthy expatriates and rich Chinese chose the area as the ideal sea resort from the crowded and hot cities of Beijing. The beaches remain nice, if sometimes a little too overcrowded, with golden sands and fairly clean waters.

Editor : Zhu Xinrui

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