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Shenyang Brief Introduction

Updated:2008-06-11 19:31 | Source:

  Shenyang, by anyone's standards, is a large city. Its population of 4.7 million ranks it as 4th largest in China, 41st in the world. As soon as you enter the city is scale is obvious. Roads, buildings, conference centres and stadiums are all bigger and grander than other cities in the Dongbei (Northeast China) region. Shenyang is very much the capital of Dongbei.

  Naturally then, Shenyang is also a major centre of commerce. Its major industries include Automobile Manufacturing, Machinery, IT and Pharmaceuticals. Strangely though, it does not have the international feel of its cosmopolitan cousins, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin or Guangzhou. The wave of internationalization has yet to crash over Shenyang, although signs that foreign companies will flood into the city in the near future are everywhere. An affluent, upper-middle class demographic is growing rapidly in Shenyang, and the scale of the real estate market is too large for foreign investment companies to ignore.

  Shenyang is located above the Bohai Gulf, linking Dalian to the southeast with Beijing to the southwest. It is the gateway to Dongbei. Shenyangers share many of the characteristics of Dongbei people �C practical, down-to-earth and warmhearted. These traits are reflected in the character of the city. It does not have the magnificent palaces of Beijing or the romantic boulevards of Dalian,but the city has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

  In fact, Shenyang has its own "Forbidden City". Right in the centre of the city, this was the first palace of the Qing Dynasty emperors. Built in 1625, it was first inhabited by Emperor Taiji. The Shenyang ��Forbidden City�� became a victim of the success of the Qing Dynasty, because when the Emperor conquered more of central and southern China he moved the seat of power to Beijing. Indeed, Beijing's "Forbidden City" was specifically modeled on the palace in Shenyang, although its scale is much larger.

  Now would be a great time to familiarize yourself with Shenyang. The city is poised for major internationalization in the coming years, and the facilities at the universities are fantastic. Shenyang is a city with a very bright future.

Editor : Zhu Xinrui

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