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  99 Massage Center

  Clean, comfortable and relaxing massage. Free food, drinks and fruit. Aromatic oil massage (RMB 200-380), body/foot massage (RMB 100/150). Single and double

  rooms. Open hours 24/7. Rm 703, e-Tower (Between Kerry Centre and China World Trade Center, C12, Guanghualu, Chaoyang District. (6501 0799) 99按摩中心, 朝阳



  Aibosen Blindman Massage

  11 Liufang Beili, Chaoyang District. (6465 2044, 6466 1247) 爱博森盲人按摩院, 朝阳区柳芳北里11号


  Arinya Massage and Spa

  1/F, Zifeng Bldg, 1 Dayabao Hutong, Chaoyang District. (6525 5799) 朝阳区大雅宝胡同1号梓峰大厦1层

  Beijing Miaoshou Foot Massage

  6/F, Gangmei Bldg, 1 Xiagongfu, Wangfujing Dajie (behind Beijing Hotel), Dongcheng District. (6512 0868) 北京妙手足底按摩, 东城区王府井大街霞公府1号港美大厦6



  Bodhi Therapeutic Retreat

  Aromatherapy massage, Thai massage, foot massage and Chinese body massage. 17 Gongti Beilu, Chaoyang District. (6417 9595) 菩提会所, 朝阳区



  Datang Massage Center

  Foot massage, healthcare, oil massage, hot stone massage. 4A Guanghua Lu (inside the Nuo’an Bldg, southwest of the Kerry Centre), Chaoyang District. (5130

  9718) 朝阳区光华路甲14号(嘉里中心西南侧诺安大厦内)


  Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat

  Dragonfly’s boutique operation avoids rowdy groups and leaves ample room for relaxation and solace – something that its large-scale competitors cannot

  guarantee. Chinese, Shiatsu and foot massages start at RMB 120 per hour and an exhaustive menu of spa packages, such as Ultimate Indulgence featuring an hour

  each of full-body and foot massage, start at RMB 240. 1) 1/F Eastern Hotel, Sanlitun Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (6593 6066); 2) 60 Donghuamen Dajie, Dongcheng

  District. (6527 9368); 3) 888 Pinnacle Plaza, Tianzhu, Shunyi District. (8046 6682/7332) 悠庭保健会所, 1) 朝阳区南三里屯路逸羽酒店一层; 2) 东城区东华门大街60

  号; 3) 顺义区天竺荣祥广场888号


  Golden Corolla

  1/F, Bldg 7, Julong Garden, 68 Xinzhong Jie, Dongcheng District. (6551 8091) 金可丽雅, 东城区新中街68号聚龙花园7号楼1层


  Heping Keep-fit Massage Center

  Daily noon-1am. 6 Fangyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District. (6436 7370) 和平盲人保健按摩中心, 朝阳区芳园西路6号


  Huaxia Liangzi

  4 Xibahe Nanlu (near International Exhibition Center), Chaoyang District. (8449 8997/8652) 华夏良子, 朝阳区西坝河南路4号(国际展览中心附近)


  Miao Feng Zhou

  Full body massage RMB 88/60mins, foot massage RMB 68/70mins, oil massage RMB 180/60mins, RMB 240/90mins (in house only). Foot and full body massage RMB

  100/120mins for first treatment in shop. Those who exceed 90mins of oil massage will get a free 60min foot massage. Daily 24 hours. 2/F, Bldg 34, Zaoying

  Beili, Maizidian Jie, Chaoyang District. (6591 2791, 133 9187 2003) 朝阳区麦子店街枣营北里34号楼(京客隆后面)


  Padma Chumig Tibetan Health

  Tibetan artifacts are lavishly applied in creating the soothing environment of this spa. Herbal therapies are their forte, and their foot baths and body

  massages offer relief from aches and pains. Daily 3-11pm. Diao Yu Tai Villa, 8 Xisanhuan Zhonglu, Haidian District. (8802 8036/38) 白玛曲秘, 海淀区西三环中路



  Pride & Pretty Health Center

  A3-2307, Fuli City, Shuangjing Bridge, Chaoyang District. (8665 8622)娇子佳人, 朝阳区富丽城A3-2307室 (双井桥旁)


  Suncome Blind Massage Center

  1/F, Bldg 10, Area 1, Fangcheng Yuan, Fengtai District. (6765 7856) 三康盲人按摩中心, 丰台区芳城园1区10号楼1层


  Thai Beauty

  All health and beauty services are administered by qualified professionals who have been schooled in age-old therapies in combination with modern training.

  They offer a revitalizing variety of relaxation, detoxification and skin beautifying treatments. 3/F, Haichang Bldg, 44 Liangmaqiao Lu, Chaoyang District.

  (8454 3929, 135 1102 1650) 朝阳区亮马桥路44号海昌大厦3层


  Tianhe Liangzi

  Daily noon-2am. 1) China Wenlian Hotel, 10 Nongzhan Nanli, Chaoyang District. (6506 2697); 2) Golden Bridge Bldg, 1A Jianwaidajie, Dongcheng District. (6507

  9285); 3) 1/F, Bldg A, Qingzhu Hotel, 1 Chedaogou, Haidian District. (6871 6903) 天河良子健身, 1) 朝阳区农展南里10号中国文联宾馆; 2) 东城区建外大街甲1号金之

  桥大厦; 3) 海淀区车道沟1号青竹宾馆A座1F


  Top Club – Yang Yuan Tang Foot Massage

  Offers royal, aromatic, and Chinese foot massages. Japanese/Thai massage, cupping, scrubbing, pedicure, callus and corn removal, and ear-cleaning are also

  available. Free movies, food and fresh fruit. 11am-2am. 1/F, Longge Apartment, 15 Chaoyang Gongyuan Xilu, Chaoyang District. (5867 0158/0156) 北京养元堂高级

  足疗会馆, 朝阳区朝阳公园西路15号龙阁公寓首层


  Xin Yue Xing Cheng Massage Center

  Body massage and foot massage RMB158/2hrs, Korean massage and oil massage RMB 300/2hrs, spa/kidney massage RMB 150. 24 hour service at your apartment. Rm

  2510, Tower B, Sunshine 100 International Apartments, Guanghua Lu, near International Trade Hotel, Chaoyang District. (5100 0299) 心

  悦星城, 朝阳区光华路2号阳光100国际公寓B座2510室



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