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Team & Club Sports

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  Aardvarks Rugby Club

  Student based foreign team, that loves to play rugby and drink. Join the team for regular games, training and drinking sessions. Meet friends, get fit and

  have heaps of fun. You can also get info at Bar Blu, home of the Aardvarks. Contact Dave (135 2224 8133,


  Amateur football club

  Amateur teams of all nationalities are invited to join. Matches are played at weekends on top-quality grass pitches in the north of the city. (6417 0495,


  Bad News Bears Baseball Club

  Bringing the real game to Beijing. Regular weekend meets against college and semi-pro teams at the Chaoyang Sports Center, 77 Yaojiayuan Lu (8557 4959). Must

  pay for own uniform and split field costs. Contact Monti (130 7116 0794,


  Beijing Cricket

  Play most Sundays at the Western Academy of Beijing in Shunyi. Contact Ray Brooks (136 0116 9752,


  Beijing Devils Mixed Touch Rugby Football

  All sexes, ages, fitness levels and standards are welcome. (


  Beijing Football Club

  Australian Rules Football in Beijing. (135 1625 1141,


  Beijing Overseas Students Basketball League

  Mr. Ding organizes this league for hoops lovers from all over the world. Training is on Thu 8pm, at Capital Sports University with matches held on weekends

  at Beijing Sport University. Court fees split between players. (136 2118 7727,


  Beijing Ultimate Frisbee

  Pickup every Sun from 1-4pm at ISB. All levels and players welcome. (136 0103 6430,


  China ClubFootball

  This outfit runs several soccer coaching programs throughout Beijing for foreign and local kids from ages 4 to 18. Held after school, on weekends and during

  holidays, courses are designed and delivered by China ClubFootball’s English Football Association qualified coaching staff. Red House Hotel, 10 Chunxiu Lu,

  Chaoyang District. (6417 0495,


  French Soccer Team

  Also known as “French Le” this team has been playing in Beijing for more than 10 years and is made up of players from various nationalities who all share

  the French spirit. They participate in an 11-a-side league every weekend and a 5-a-side tournament during the week. Contact Mickael Perpoil (135 0102 4447,


  International Friendship Football Club (IFFC)

  With over 800 members from 70 countries playing in 30 established men’s and women’s amateur adult and youth teams, the IFFC has been devoted to the “world

  game” in Beijing since 1994. You can join an existing team or create your own. Matches are held on good fields in various locations. The match fees help pay

  for referees. RMB 100 (membership), RMB 50 (student membership). RMB 1,000 (team fee), RMB 500 (student team fee). RMB 600-900 (match fee per team). Men:

  contact Robert (6234 7106, Women: contact Halime (


  Inter United Football Club

  Kick some balls at Dongdan Sports Center. Training every Sun from 7-9pm. Contact Jimmy Zhang (135 0113 4827,


  Men’s Lacrosse

  Looking for players with experience, no cost involved. Current roster includes BSU students, BSU graduates, and expat laxers. Bring your own equipment. Every

  Sat 9am, Saturdays 9am. Beijing Sports University, Zhonguancun Beidajie, Shangdixin Technological Development Zone, Haidian District. (



  Red Ball Football Club & Bar

  Red Ball’s purpose-built all-weather 5-a-side pitches are equipped with the latest in artificial turf technology. The same surface enjoyed by National Teams

  and top European clubs. Daily 7am-11pm. Located opposite the north gate of Workers’ Stadium, at the back of the parking lot on Gongti Beilu between the Bus

  Bar and Yugong Yishan, Chaoyang District. (6413 2848, RED BALL 足球俱乐部和酒吧, 朝阳区工人体育场北门对面的工体北



  Sports Beijing

  Sports Beijing is a community based, non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality sports and recreational programs for the youth of Beijing. This

  season, programs include soccer, baseball, tennis, ice hockey, golf, gymnastics, judo, rugby and girl’s softball. Office is open Monday to Friday from

  9.30am-5.30pm. (6430 1412,


  Women’s Football (soccer)

  There is women’s football in Beijing. The Odds and Ends are Beijing’s only amateur team for adult women. Players of all skill levels are welcome, although

  some experience is preferable. They play or practice every weekend at Beijing Normal University. Contact Ms. Zhang (8526 2420 ext 103,



Editor : Zhu Jia

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