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Ski Resorts

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  Badaling Ski Resort

  Badaling has two 800m long ski runs and a 2,300m long snowmobile (RMB 20/hr) run. It also has sledding runs and a ski lodge with accommodation, food and

  drinks, stores and a gym. Admission RMB 20 or RMB 30 (weekend/holidays). Rental RMB 100/2hr or RMB 140/2hr (weekend/holdays). Hotels range from RMB 380-680 a

  night. Take 919 (RMB 12) from Deshengmen. Daily 8.30am-5.30pm. Badaling Zhen, Yanqing District. (6912 9966 ) 八达岭滑雪场, 延庆区八达岭镇


  Cuiyunshan Ski Resort

  Carved out from a white birch forest, this ski resort features three runs, one each for beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers. Covers a total of 122,100

  acres and is accessible by train. Entrance RMB 30. RMB 60/hr, RMB 300/6hr or RMB 80/hr, RMB 420/6hr(weekends). Snowsuit rental RMB 50. Sauna (RMB 20) and

  lodging (RMB 200-400) available. Daily 9am-9.30pm. Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province, 翠云山滑雪场, 河北省张家口市崇礼县


  Hebei Saibei Ski Resort

  This unique scenic environment with a backdrop of snow-covered mountains and forest has an 800m ski run and a 2,800m beginner slope. Lodgings include the No.

  1 “Show” hotel (RMB 680-1880 per night), four villas (standard room RMB 150-200), and the “white birch” (baihua) style villa (RMB 100 a bed or RMB 60 per

  person in farmhouse). The trip from the city takes about 2.5 hours on the newly-built Beijing-Zhangjiakou highway. There is a shuttle bus to the resort on

  the weekends (RMB 120 per person). Daily 8am-9pm. North of Xiqueliang, Chongli County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei province. 河北塞北滑雪场, 河北省张家口市崇礼县



  Huaibei International Ski Resort

  Located in Jiugukou, site of the only rectangular tower on the Great Wall, Huaibei boasts a 3,100m ski trail and a cable car that runs up to 1,200m(the

  highest in Beijing). Other features include a grass run as well as two advanced, one intermediate and three beginner slopes. Admission RMB 20. Rental RMB

  60/hr, RMB 80/hr(weekends) or RMB 100/hr(holidays). Lodging is available. Take 936 zhi from Dongzhimen. Daily 8am-5pm. 548 Hefangkou Cun, Huaibei Zhen,

  Huairou District. (8969 6677) 怀北国际滑雪场, 怀柔区怀北镇河防口村548号


  Jindinghu Ski Resort

  Proximity to the city (89km) is one of Jindinghu’s biggest draws. On arrival, you’ll find intermediate and novice runs as well as a beginner’s slope.

  Entrance RMB 20. Rental RMB 100/2hr, RMB 220/full day or RMB 140/hr, RMB 340/full day(weekend). Sledding RMB 50 per half hour, snowmobile RMB 8 per minute.

  Those wishing to extend their stay can spend the night at one of 20 villas built along the Jinding lake. Daily 8am-9.30pm. Northeast of Jugezhuang Town,

  Miyun District. (6808 7910) 金鼎湖滑雪场, 密云区巨各庄镇东北


  Jundushan Ski Resort

  The Beijing Jundushan ski resort is located 34km from the city and covers an area of nearly 330 acres. Equipped for skiers and snowboarders, the resort

  features seven ski runs, a slalom run, double seat cableway and cross-country path (for snowmobiles). Jundushan’s southern exposure means the snow can get

  slushy. Sleds, inner tubes and snowmobiles are available for rent. Admission RMB 20 or RMB 30(holidays). Rental RMB 100/2hr, RMB 150/2hr(weekend) or RMB

  160/2hr(holidays). Accommodation options include “Russian style villas” and Mongolian tents. Take the subway (line 13) to Longze station and transfer to

  bus 21. Daily 8am-10pm. 588 Zhenshun Cun, Cuicun Zhen (5 km north of the Xiaotangshan Hot Spring Holiday Village), Changping District. (6072 5888) 军都山滑雪场, 昌平区崔村镇真顺村588号


  Lianhuan Shan Ski Resort

  Lianhuashan offers two advanced runs, three intermediate runs and two beginner trails. Admission RMB 20 or RMB 30 (holidays). Rental RMB 100/2hr, 140/2hr

  (weekend) or 160/2hr (holiday). Take bus 918 from Dongzhimen. Daily 8.30am-5pm, 6pm-10pm. 288 Liangshan Donglu, Zhang Zhen, Shunyi District. (6148 8333) 莲花山滑雪场, 顺义区张镇良山东路288号


  Longfeng Shan Ski Resort

  Only 26km from Tian’anmen Square and a 10-minute ride from Pingguoyuan subway station, this hill features six ski runs: two for beginners, two for

  intermediates and two for advanced, as well as hiking year-round. Admission RMB 20 or RMB 30(holidays). Rental RMB 70/hr, 90/hr(weekend) or 120/hr(holidays).

  Daily 8am-10pm. Wanfotang Cun, Yongding Zhen, Mentougou District. (6980 4549/1740) 龙凤山滑雪场, 门头沟区永定镇万佛堂村


  Nanshan Ski Village

  Beijing Nanshan Ski Village lies in the south of Miyun County, 108km from Siyuan Bridge and is one of the area’s top ski resorts, Nanshan has ten well-

  groomed trails for skiers of all levels and a snowboard park (Nanshan Mellow Park) with a halfpipe, four kickers and six rails – all served by a quadruple

  chairlift, a double chairlift and nine T-bars. Admission RMB 20. Rental RMB 100/2hr, RMB 150/2hr(weekend) or RMB 160/2hr(holidays). Lodging available. Take

  the shuttle bus (RMB 40 round trip) from Dongzhimen, 8.30am every Sat and Sun. Tickets at 6445 0990 ext 1316. Daily 8.30am-5.30pm. Shengshuitou Cun,

  Henanzhai Zhen, Miyun District. (6445 3018/0991) 南山滑雪场, 密云区河南寨镇圣水头村


  Qiaobo Ice and Snow World

  Daily 8.30am-9pm. Inside Chaobai River National Forest Park, Mapo (Drive along Jingshun Lu to Mapo roundabout in Shunyi, turn right and drive 1km east to the

  first intersection, then turn left and drive another 3km north, it’s on the right (east) side of the road), Shunyi District. (8497 2568) 乔波

  冰雪世界, 顺义区马坡潮白河国家森林公园内


  Shijinglong Ski Resort

  Located 80km from Beijing, west of Longqing Gorge and east of Guanting Lake this resort boasts some of Beijing’s longest trails, a snowboard park and a good

  snowboard shop. Recent additions include a new intermediate run, two new lifts and a widened advance run as well as a beginner trail. But be warned, the wind

  can be bracing, especially when you’re on a slow-moving chairlift. Located near the donkey-pulled sleighs and snowmobile circuit, the lukewarm hot springs

  are a mixed pleasure. Admission RMB 20 or RMB 30 (holidays). Rental RMB 100/2hr or RMB 150/2hr(weekends). Dog sledding and snow biking also available.

  Lodging starts from RMB 200. Take the 919 from Deshengmen to Yanqing and change to the 920. Daily 8am-5pm. Zhongyangfang, Zhangshanying Zhen, Yanqing

  District. (6919 1614/15/17 ) 石京龙滑雪场, 延庆区张山营镇中羊坊


  Snow World Ski Park

  Located near the Ming Tombs, is a mere thirty minutes by car from downtown Beijing. There are two ski runs – one for advanced and one for intermediate

  skiers – and all of its equipment is imported from North America. Admission RMB 20. Ski Rental RMB 50/hr or RMB 70/hr(weekend/holidays). Snowboard rental

  RMB 70/hr or RMB 120/hr(weekend/holidays). Lodging can be found ten minutes away. Take bus 345 from Deshengmen and than transfer to bus 3. Daily 8.30am-5pm.

  Xiaogongmen, Shisanling Zhen, Changping District. (8976 1886) 雪世界滑雪场, 昌平区十三陵镇小宫门


  Wanlong Ski Resort

  Wanlong is located 249km from Beijing – a 3 hour drive. The resort has 5 ski runs for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers and also offers snowmobile

  hire and sledding. Admission free. Rental RMB 50/hr, RMB 70/hr(weekend) or RMB 80/hr(holidays). Lodging ranges from RMB 388-1,288. Take shuttle bus (RMB 120

  roundtrip, RMB 150 holidays) from south gate of Workers’ Stadium. Daily 8.30am-4.30pm. Honghualiang, Chongli Xian, Hebei province. (6553 6830)

  万龙滑雪场, 河北省张家口市崇礼县


  Yunfoshan Ski Resort

  Yunfoshan Ski Field is surrounded by mountains in three directions and covers 45,000sqm. There is a 1,000m run for advanced skiers, three intermediate runs,

  four beginner runs and a 1,500m cross-country trail for snowmobiles. Admission RMB 20 or RMB 30 (holidays). Rental RMB 50/hr or RMB 70/hr(weekends/holidays).

  Lodging available ranging from RMB 400-1600. Take 987 from Dongzhimen. Daily 8.30am- midnight. Xiwengzhuang Zhen, Miyun District. (6901 6896) 云佛山滑雪场, 密云区溪翁庄镇


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