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Hiking & Camping

Updated:2008-06-09 10:51 | Source:

  Beijing Hikers

  Hike in villages near Beijing. Tours available to everyone. Call for info on hikes and what to bring. Prices may vary for overnight hikes; weekend hikes are

  RMB 200 (adult), RMB 150 (children under 12), including round-trip transport, snacks and beverages during and after the hike, detailed map of the hike and

  professional guidance. Contact Huijie (139 1002 5516,


  Goose & Duck Ranch and Farm

  See Community Directory under “Children.” Huairou Beizhai, Huairou District. (6538 1691, 6067 1024) 鹅和鸭, 怀柔区北寨


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