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  Beijing Cannes Golf Club

  Foreign coaches train students here at a rate of RMB 3,600/10 lessons. Recover from sticker shock at the club’s stores, tennis courts and basketball courts.

  Shuangqiao Donglu, Dingfuzhuang Nanqu, Chaoyang District. (8578 8913) 朝阳区定福庄双桥东路


Beijing Country Golf Club

  After playing at one of this club’s three 7,000-yard courses that weave around a man-made lake and an orchard, how about a sauna in the clubhouse? RMB 568

  (Mon-Fri), RMB 888 (weekends). Membership is RMB 22,000/year. Daily sunrise to sunset. West side of Chaobai River, Mapo Xiang, Shunyi District. (6940 3086)



  Beijing Daxing Capital Golf Club

  This course snakes around a long goldfish-filled lake. Reservations required. RMB 800 (weekdays), RMB 1,100 (weekends), plus a caddie fee of RMB 150. Daily

  8am-3pm. West end of Xingzheng Jie, Huangcun, Daxing District. (6121 5708 ext 200) 大兴区黄村

  Beijing Fangzhuang Star Golf Club

  RMB 30/basket of balls on weekends, RMB 25/basket on weekdays. Daily noon-11pm. Bldg 11, 2 Fangxingyuan Xiaoqu, Fangzhuang, Fengtai District. (6760 7118,

  6159 3979) 丰台区方庄方星园小区2号11号楼


  Beijing Golf Club

  Opened in 1987, the Beijing Golf Club hosts the annual Helong Cup, China’s premier Amateur Golf Invitational Tournament. Facilities include a driving range,

  four-hole practice course, professional instructors, restaurant and Japanese-style bathhouse. Membership RMB 7,000/year. Members RMB 350 (weekdays), RMB 600

  (weekends). Non-members RMB 800 (weekdays), RMB 1,200 (weekends). Daily sunrise to sunset. East bank of Chaobai River. Turn right from the Mapo exit of

  Dongliuhuan, 1km east of Beijing Country Golf Club, Shunyi District. (8947 0245) 顺义区北京乡村高尔夫俱乐部东1公里


  Beijing Golfers’ Club

  The group meets every Sunday morning for a 10am tee-off at various courses around Beijing. The club lists over 200 members, mainly expats based in Beijing.

  RMB 900/game for non-members, RMB 200-500/members. Contact Russell Probert (


  Beijing Hongxi Changxin International Golf Club

  Has both a driving range (RMB 30/basket of balls) and a golf course (RMB 750/game on weekdays, RMB 1150/game on weekends). Daily sunrise-sunset. 8 Donghuan

  Beilu, Dongnan Wuhuan, Beijing Economy and Technology Development Zone, Daxing District. (6788 7252) 大兴区北京经济技术开发区东南五环东环北路8号


  Beijing International Golf Club

  Beijing’s first golf club has a highly-rated Japanese-designed course offering great views of forested hills and the Ming Tombs River and Reservoir.

  Membership RMB 23,000/year, with compulsory RMB 200 caddie fees each round. Women pay RMB 480 on weekdays and RMB 1,400 on weekends, men pay RMB 800 on

  weekdays and RMB 1,400 on weekends. Daily 7am-7pm, last tee time at 3pm. Northwest of Ming Tombs Reservoir, Changping District. (6076 2288) 昌平区十三陵水库



  Beijing Jinghui Golf Club

  Membership RMB 5,000/year. RMB 288-590/session (non-members). Daily sunrise-sunset. Qinglonghu Town, Fangshan District. (6032 2288) 房山区


  Beijing Ladies Golf Club

  Group of International lady golfers plays every Thu. For 2007 golf schedule and membership details refer to their website. (


  Beijing Legend Holiday Golf Club

  RMB 25/basket of balls on weekdays, RMB 30/basket on weekends. Daily 9am-9.30pm. 89 Shoudu Jichang Lu, Chaoyang District. (6456 0111) 朝阳区首都机场路89号


  Beijing Meisong Golf Club

  One of the largest driving ranges in town. Meisong has 124 tees on two levels. Non-members pay RMB 30-75/50 balls (includes entrance fee). RMB 20-40/club

  rental. Offering unlimited use of balls, annual membership is RMB 8,000 while RMB 1,600 will get you 4000 balls. Daily 7am-midnight. 10 Xinglong Xijie,

  Gaobeidian, Chaoyang District. (8575 3959) 朝阳区高碑店兴隆西街10号


  Beijing Orient Tianxing Huapu Country Club

  RMB 750/game (weekdays), RMB 1,250/game (weekends). Daily sunrise-sunset. Laiguangying Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8491 6192) 朝阳区莱广营北路


  Beijing Pine Valley International Golf Club

  One of Beijing’s premier courses, Pine Valley’s gorgeous 7,300-yard course was designed by Jack Nicklaus. The club also has a driving range, swimming pool,

  tennis court, badminton court, sauna, business center, stables and villas. The golf course is only open to members who pay a steep admission fee of USD

  100,000 and annual dues of RMB 6,000. Daily 11am-4.30pm (winter), 7am-sunset (summer). Pine Valley Resort, Nankou Town, Changping District. (8528 8038) 昌平



  Beijing Rivers and Resort Golf Training Academy

  This academy offers serious training to mid-level and advanced players from pro golfers, sports psychologists and American PGA-sanctioned coaches. A

  membership (RMB 108,000) allows unlimited visits, while RMB 20,000 gets you 240 hours of instruction and RMB 1,680 will buy eight hours. 1A, West of Sunhe

  Beidian, Chaoyang District. (8046 5566) 朝阳区孙河北店西1A


  Beijing Tiangong Golf Club

  RMB 115/hr at the driving range. Daily 8am-10pm. 500m west of Yuegezhuang Bridge, Jingshi Highway, Fengtai District. (8381 2582) 丰台区京石高速岳各庄桥西500



  Beijing Yiquan Golf Club

  Located near the Summer Palace, the Yiquan Golf Club is the largest, most prestigious golf training center in northern China. RMB 1,200-2,800/10 lessons,

  depending on the caliber of coach you choose and the size of class you want. Not suitable for non-Chinese speakers. South of Yiquan Mountain Middle School,

  Haidian District. (6287 5990) 海淀区


  Beijing Zhongxing Club

  Besides using its 32-tee driving range, patrons can ride horses, play tennis, swim, go bowling, play ping-pong and work out in this club’s gym. A six-month

  driving range membership is RMB 1,500/7,500 balls, individual clubs for rent at RMB 10/hr. Daily 8am-7pm. North of Xiaoqing River and west of Lishui Bridge,

  Chaoyang District. (8481 6550) 朝阳区立水桥西小清河北


  Chaoyang Kosaido Golf Club

  While this club only has a short, nine-hole course (par 30, 300 yards), its low greens fees and great location about 500m east of Zhaolong Hotel make it the

  ideal place to sneak in a quick round during work hours. Work on your swing at the driving range before hitting the links. RMB 230 (weekdays), RMB 290

  (weekends). Three- and six-month discount packages available. Daily 6.30am-9.30pm (summer only, closed in winter). Shangsilu, Tuanjiehu Xiaoqu Nongzhan

  Nanlu, Chaoyang District. (6501 8584) 朝阳区团结湖小区农展南路


  Dongjin Golf Club

  RMB 50/hr. Daily 9am-8.30pm. 5A Niuwangmiao, Xinyuan Jie (west of Sanyuan East Bridge), Chaoyang District. (6460 0193) 朝阳区三元东桥西


  Greystone Golf Center

  RMB 30/basket. Daily 7am-10pm. 1 Xiangjiang Beilu, Chaoyang District. (8450 7173) 朝阳区


  Honghua International Golf Club

  Daily 9am-10pm. 108 Beiyuan Lu, Chaoyang District. (8562 9998) 鸿华国际高尔夫俱乐部, 朝阳区亚运村北苑路108号


  Longxi Wenquan Golf Club

  RMB 680/game on weekdays, RMB 1,100/game on weekends. Daily 6am-11pm. Guaxiang Lu, Panggezhuang Township, Daxing District. (8928 2288) 大兴区彭各庄


  Meisong Golf

  RMB 30/game on weekdays, RMB 35/game on weekends. Daily 7.30am-midnight. 10 Xinglong Xijie, Gaobeidian, Chaoyang District. (8575 5497) 朝阳区高碑店兴隆西街10



  Shenghua Universal Golf Advisors

  SGA China offers professional golf coaching for all levels and age groups by SGA’s professional Australian PGA golf coaches (English and Chinese language

  tuition available). Coaching plan is designed on the basis of individual level and needs. You can also join their regular golf networking activities at

  Chaoyang Kosaido Golf Club (Beijing CBD). SGA also organizes regular golf days as well as events for business-related organizations. (4006 505 169, 6507



  Yong An Hotel Golf Training Course

  RMB 40/hr plus RMB 10 for the club. Daily 10am-9pm. 5A Nongzhanguan Lu, Chaoyang District. (6501 1188 ext 2088) 朝阳区农展馆路5A


  Yuanlin Golf Club

  RMB 50/hr. Daily 6.30am-10pm. Nanhuqu, Huajiadi (Wangjing Bridge, Airport Expressway), Chaoyang District. (6479 1951) 朝阳区花家地南湖渠


  Zhongliang Golf training Course

  RMB 20/basket of balls (Mon-Thu). RMB 30/basket (Fri-Sun). Daily 8am-4pm. North of Longquanwu Village, Mentougou District. (6081 1616 ext 1666) 门头沟区龙泉



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