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Tango Club

Updated:2008-06-08 14:38 | Source:

  The biggest high-grade fashion complex in Beijing serves as the leader of avant-garde culture and entertainment, a luminous space consisting of trendy factors.

  The first “Amusement Supermarket”, large disco ballroom, self-service KTV, bars and show stage……all these are combined in the over-ten-thousand-square-meter mall, posing a ever-changing wonder land, an emotionally relaxing world isolated from daily life.

  Self-service KTV (in the basement)

  The most luxurious self-service KTV has over 80 rooms in various sizes, providing services ranging from Professional sound facilities and plasma TV sets through more than 20 thousand songs and easy-to-handle VOD system to free beverage and buffet provided five times a day, not to mention its intimate and comfortable environment.

  Ballroom/Tango Music Bar (Ground floor and second floor)

  The palace for dancing, dazzling and vibrant, is large enough to encompass multiple emotions, passions in particular, for nearly one thousand people. It is the beachhead of avant-garde electronic music where each week world class DJs are invited to showcase fashionable disco music.

  Tango Music Bar, including a ballroom, is a flamboyant place filled with modern geometrical patterns. Its bright colors and relaxing atmosphere posit a harmonious contrast with the passionate Disco Ballroom. With music heard from afar, it seems a tranquil island amidst the furious wave of sound.

  Mango Club (Second Floor)

  It mingles traditional culture with modern language and presents a splendid space characterized with a conspicuous oriental touch. It is gorgeous, enchanting, mystical, sexy, oblique, luxurious and relaxing, at same time decent and elegant. The eight-hundred-square-meter space is private as well as open, a desirable site for women to showcase their beauty.

  Show Stage (Third Floor)

  The large-scale modern show stage is perfect in facilities and spacious enough to accommodate 300 people, the best place to host entertainment events, medium-sized and small-sized fans receptions, press releases for new movies and fashion show.

Editor : Zhu Jia

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