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Sanlitun Bar Street

Updated:2008-06-08 14:38 | Source:

  Located west of Changhong Bridge on the Eastern Third Ring Road and next to the first and second embassy region, Sanlitun Bar Street has been known by almost every tourist in Beijing for many years and recognized as an icon of a kind of lifestyle. Up to 28 bars of various traits are arrayed along the two-hundred-sixty-meter main street.

  Due to its high reputation, many embassies in the north change their address labels from Sanlitun Street to Sanlitun Bar Street. The bars are open from the afternoon to the next evening each day.

  Now a platform of public intercommunication, Sanlitun is the destination of numerous foreigners who flock here in droves by driving or taking taxis, particularly at night. Many Chinese also invite clients or friends here.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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