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Chaoyang Theater

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  Built in 1984, Chaoyang Theater focuses on acrobatics performance. It was designated as the Tourist Performance Site by the Beijing government and appraised as the Culturally Advanced Group in 2001. After the late 1980s, Chaoyang Theater underwent a period of adjustments. It staged singing, dancing and opera for tourists at first and then targeted acrobatics performance. Now it has been the first choice to watch acrobatics after ten years of featured operation. “Go to Changyao Theater to watch acrobatics” has been a well-known saying to many tourists.

  Located in the middle part of the East Third Ring Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, near to CBD and north of Jingguang Building, it boasts advantageous location, convenient traffic and humanistic atmosphere. Having entertained more than 3 million foreign guests, Chaoyang Theater is highly appreciated by political leaders and members of Olympic Organizing Committee. As a bridge linking China and the world, Chaoyang Theater satisfies the foreigners’ good will to know more about Beijing and China by experiencing the Chinese traditional art of acrobatics. New Beijing, New Olympic, and New Chaoyang District. At present, based on scientific management methods formed by its long effort, Chaoyang Theater keeps its endeavor to maximize its uniqueness, develop new features, harmonize the relation between the modern theater and the contemporary world, and provide first-class environment to meet the cultural needs of various visitors.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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