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Melody KTV

Updated:2008-06-08 14:38 | Source:

  Dating back to 2000, Melody established its first store in Beijing. As a large-scale updated chain store, it has three departments: KTV, catering, and dried fruits and beverages. It features standardized services and self-service shops; the consumption process is very transparent and convenient. A large number of consumers consider it an amusing attraction, for it boosts their drive for consumption and satisfies their needs for cultural activities.

  Each of its three shops has more than 100 KTV rooms.

  Hours: 8am-2am.

  Price: Y27-230/hour/room. A free drink before 8pm.

  Yue Tan shop:

  Yue Tan Plaza, 2 Yue Tan Beijie

  Tel: 6808-5888

  Zhong Guan Cun:

  24 Zhong Guan Cun Nan Dajie (opposite Central University For Nationalities)

  Tel: 6218-9088

  Chao Wai:

  B77, Chao Wai Dajie

  Tel: 6551-0808

Editor : Zhu Jia

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