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Introduction of CCTV.COM

Updated:2008-06-08 13:09 | Source:

As the official website of China Central Television (CCTV), was founded and had its trial run in December, 1996. It stands as one of China’s earliest websites to publish information in Chinese. In October, 2000, was nominated as a key national news website by the Central Government, as a result of which it established itself as a premier media website in China. On May 25, 2001, it became part of the then newly-founded Internet Publicity Department of CCTV, marking the beginning of a full-scale development of which soon grew into one of the most influential websites in the world. went through a complete facelift immediately following the inauguration of the CCTV Internet Media Center and CCTV Network Co. Ltd. on April 28, 2006.


As an interactive multi-media website, is a large-scale media organization integrating web-based news report, entertainment and information services. Its online live broadcasting program currently covers a total of 12 CCTV channels, including CCTV 1, 4, 9, 10 and CCTV News Channel. In addition, VOD services are also available on the website for key CCTV programs, special reports, major events and celebrations. Services of this nature are provided in a range of video streams, catering to the different connection speeds of our users. On December 27, 2005, A World Online, an audiovisual feature program launched by, was selected as the “Chinese Internet Program of the Year” by the State Council Information Office and the Internet News & Information Service Working Committee (INISWC) of the Internet Society of China.


Today, features highlights and casts of nearly 400 CCTV programs. A total of over 270 full-length CCTV programs are available on and, every year, it collaborates with CCTV in the interactive live broadcast of over 100 special programs, evening parties and national competitions. Furthermore, some 300 live interviews are organized by on a yearly basis. The online community of can be accessed simultaneously by up to 100,000 users.


In an effort to further expand CCTV’s presence overseas, a number of international channels oriented respectively towards English, Spanish and French speakers and Taiwanese audiences have been launched on by means of CDN technologies. Viewers of these programs come from over 150 countries and regions worldwide, including the USA, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Korea and Taiwan.


In the wake of a thoroughgoing facelift on April 28, 2006, merged with, resulting in the official CCTV website as we see it today. The new is divided into thematic sections covering TV guide, news, economics, sports, entertainment, TV series, movies, animations, music, lifestyle, science, education, community, network TV and business. A video search engine is also incorporated into the website to improve webcast and VOD related services. This is further supplemented by the introduction of highly innovative and interactive programs such as Anchors’ & Reporters’ Blogs, CCTV Podcasts and the CCTV Community. By and large, the new has been widely noted for the following six features:


1. The sheer volume of information provided

“Achieving an extensive news coverage through technological and procedural optimization”. has become one of the best interactive and multi-media news platforms in the world in terms of its fashionable web-design, authoritativeness and the comprehensiveness of the information it offers.  


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