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Reporting Plan via New Media on Global Olympic Torch Relay Issued by

Updated:2008-06-08 13:02 | Source:

Follow the Olympic Flame through the Whole World. Let the Olympic Flame Pass by My Home. Follow the Olympic Flame to Mount Qomolangma


The holy flame of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games shall be kindled in front of the Heraeum, or Temple of Hera in Olympia, Athens on March 24, symbolizing a prelude to the global Olympic Torch Relay. Through this sacred ceremony, the Greeks solemnly declare to the world that “the Beijing Olympic Games is about to begin!” As the initial move of reporting the Olympic Games, released the Torch Relay Reporting Plan via New Media on March 19. will deliver live and rotational broadcast of the Olympic Torch Relay to the world in multi-languages via multi-terminals centering round three main aspects: “Follow the Olympic Flame through the Whole World; Let the Olympic Flame Pass by My Home and Follow the Olympic Flame to Mount Qomolangma” during the period from March 24 when the Olympic flame is lit in Greece to August 8 when the Olympic flame is ignited at the cauldron of the National Stadium of China. The focus is on establishing five interaction brands: “My Olympic Space; E-Torch Relay, News Link Broadcast, Let the Olympic Flame Pass by My Home, and Climbing Mount Quomolangma Online”. We will engage people in direct contact with the Olympic Games via such modern means as e-space, communities, forums, blogs and Internet searches to truly achieve the objective of “My Olympics, Interactive Olympics and People’s Olympics”.


Sources say that will deliver multi-terminal, video, live and rotational broadcast during the global torch relay in four languages, namely Chinese, English, Spanish and French and via the platforms of network and mobile phone televisions. The report will cover 134 torch relay cities throughout the world. special correspondents and specially appointed journalists will track the whole course of the torch relay, and get viewers updated with the latest pictures and articles, during which time, will host online interactive activities for netizens to “chat while watching” the torch relay.


——Taking advantage of the global Olympic torch relay, will open “My Olympic Space” during the coverage of the torch relay and provide special space for 134 torch relay cities to showcase their local history, culture, and customs. It will open the torchbearer space to reflect their life and work. It will open the Olympic volunteers’ space to fascinate the world with their enchanting smiles. The aforementioned spaces will also provide interactive functions for netizens to leave messages and make comments.


——During the coverage of the torch relay in will highlight the interactive programme --- “Let the Olympic Flame Pass by My Home” in which all citizens are encouraged to participate, which shall guide and attract netizens to upload pictures, articles and video clips of the landscape, history, culture, and customs of “My City” via the double platforms of the Internet and the mobile phones, as well as those of the torchbearers from the city, unveiling their untold stories and dynamically reflecting the touching and moving scenes of “Letting the Olympic Flame Pass by My Home”.



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