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Watch the Beijing Games whenever and wherever you like news: Official Internet/Mobile Phone Broadcaster of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Press Release was held at the Media Center Hotel, Beijing, on January 21, 2008. CCTV Vice-President Mr. Sun Yusheng, BOB Chief Operating Officer Mr. Ma Guoli and Ms. Li Hong, Chief IOC Representative in Beijing, gave addresses during the conference. Mr. Cen Chuanli, Deputy Director-General of CCTV Sports Channel, introduced to the audience the TV broadcasting program of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. A speech on web-based broadcasting of the Beijing Games was delivered by Mr. Wang Wenbin, Director of CCTV Internet Media Center and General Manager of The audience at the conference was also given an analysis on the data advantages of by Mr. Lei Longyun, a senior manager from CTR, an established Chinese market research organization, and Ms. Huang Jiali, Vice-President of IResearch Consulting Group.


The Official Internet/Mobile Phone Broadcaster of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Agreement was signed between the IOC and CCTV on December 18, 2007, marking an end to the nine-month-long competition among internet companies and operators over the new media broadcasting rights of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. As a result, emerged as the only official internet and mobile phone broadcaster of the Beijing Games in Mainland China and Macao. In addition, it was also granted an exclusive copyright on new media photographic materials of the Beijing Games, the total length of which will amount to 3800 hours.


Currently,, with its core strategy being defined as “seamless coverage and basic application”, is going all out for the establishment of a “mobile Olympic TV station”. Such an Olympic “TV station” will be marked by the realization of “a seamless coverage throughout China and therefore an interactive Beijing Games for all Chinese people”. “Watch the Olympics wherever and whenever you like!” It draws on mobile streaming, WAP, client interaction and mobile phone MMS platforms to launch a series of Olympic-oriented interactive programs of varying styles and participation modes such as live videocast, videotext report, interactive community and mobile phone E-zine, etc. During the 17th CPC National Congress, was widely acclaimed for its exclusive mobile phone live coverage of the meeting, whetting the public’s appetite for its performance during the Beijing Games.


Moreover, during Games-time, “CCTV Public Transport Mobilecast” will become the fifth largest broadcaster of the Beijing Games. At present, CCTV Mobilecast has a nationwide network covering a total of 28 major Chinese cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. During the run-up to the Games, the number of buses installed with mobile TV sets will be increased to 40,000, the total number of mobile TV sets installed is expected to reach around 80,000, and an estimated 100 million people will benefit from the CCTV Mobile service. It is planned that, in the future, this service will also cover subway and light rail lines in many Chinese cities.


There is every sign that the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games will become a major milestone in the development of China’s mobile broadcast industry., as the only new media broadcaster of the Beijing Games, will turn all its existing advantages into a promising future.

Editor : ZhangXueying

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