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CCTV Announces Its Acquisition of New Media Broadcasting Rights for the Beijing Games

Updated:2008-06-08 12:19 | Source: news: An official agreement was signed between CCTV and the IOC on December 18, 2007, announcing that was chosen as the Official Internet/Mobile Phone Broadcaster of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. This came as another success for CCTV in its bid to broadcast the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games following its acquisition of the television broadcasting rights of the Games. The signing of the agreement also established CCTV as the only official internet and mobile phone broadcaster of the Beijing Games in Mainland China and Macao.


Mr. Jacques Rogge, President of the IOC, congratulated CCTV on its successful acquisition of the new media broadcasting rights of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. “Digital technologies and the new media will play an important role in the Beijing Games, contributing to the promotion of Olympic ideals by attracting more spectators to the Games”, said Rogge, “we are eager to cooperate with CCTV and and we hope that, together, we will be able to encourage more Chinese people, especially the youth, to be involved in the Olympic Movement”.


Mr. Sun Yusheng, CCTV Vice-President, commented that CCTV has unique advantages in a broad range of areas, from a highly interactive network integrating TV, internet and mobile phone services to human resources, program production and broadcasting technology. In alliance with a maximum number of partners in the new media industry, CCTV will commit itself to broadcasting the Beijing Games to the highest standard using every means at its disposal. To this end, it will explore the opportunities presented by the new media to their full potential for the establishment of a webcast and mobile Olympic TV network and an “interactive, multi-media and multi-terminal” Olympic online community. Both these two systems are intended to make the Olympics fully accessible to an increasing number of new media users.


According to informed sources at the signing ceremony, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is the first in the history of Modern Olympics to incorporate the new media, including internet and mobile phone services, as an independent broadcasting system into the Olympic broadcasting program alongside conventional media services. Widely known as the premier Chinese TV station, CCTV will work together with other members of its Olympic broadcasting alliance to turn the Beijing Games into a milestone in the development of the new media.

Editor : ZhangXueying

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