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Fantasia Dinner Theater

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Fantasia Dinner Theater (closed until further notice) ( 天幻秀宫 tiān huàn xiù gōng )
Address: San Hao Jie and Wenhua Lu ( 三好街和文化路 )
Phone: 024-31329999-8888

For an interesting night out, check out the Fantasia Theater. There are two shows each evening. The shows are very professionally done, with a nice variety of performances, and beautiful costumes and stage settings.  The theater is closed on Mondays.   
The “Dinner Show” is every day from 5:00-8:00 pm.  It includes traditional Chinese acrobatics, Spanish Flamenco dancing, French Cabaret, Latin Carnival, Venetian Carnival, and Strong Men. The performers are from China, France, Spain, and Brazil. There are four ticket prices, based on seat location, and service included. (prices listed are per person)
       VIP Area: 480 yuan, includes Western style dinner.
       “R” Area: 350 yuan, includes Western style dinner.
       “S” Area: 320 yuan, includes Wester style dinner.
       Second Floor Seating: 200 yuan, includes soft drinks only. 
The “Drink Show” is every day from 9:00-11:00 pm. This performance includes only Chinese traditional acrobatics (杂技 zá jì), and no dinner is available. This show is considerably cheaper than the “Dinner Show,” though not quite as spectacular. No ticket is required for entry, but you are expected to buy drinks, which include beer, wine and soft drinks. According to theater personnel, plan on around 100 yuan per person.
Location: On the corner of San Hao Jie (三好街) and Wenhua Lu (文化路), near San Hao Street Computer and Software Market. Ask a taxi driver for “sān hǎo jiē,” otherwise the following buses will take you there: 135,239,117,282,272,502,225,244,环.  The theater is on the southwest corner of the intersection, you can’t miss it. 
Photo by Jerry Wang, 2007

Editor : ZhangXueying

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