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Zhuo Zhan Shopping Center (name brands)

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Zhuo Zhan Shopping Center (name brands) ( 卓展购物中心 zhuózhǎn gòuwù zhōngxīn )
Hours: Open Daily 10am - 9pm
Address: North Side of Government Square ( 市府广场 )

This 5-level shopping mall was newly opened in 2006 and caters to shoppers looking for top-level brand names, including Gucci, etc. The mall’s departments include leather, wool, formal wear, jewelry/watches, lingerie, cosmetics, and miscellaneous clothing. This mall is for serious shoppers…don’t come looking for bargains. 
Location:  The mall is on the north side of Government Square (市府广场 shì fǔ guǎng chǎng).  The main entrance faces south (click “Government Square” link for bus routes)

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