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Taiyuan Street

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   Taiyuan Street (general shopping)

Taiyuan Street is one of Shenyang’s main commercial centers. During the day you have to swim through enormous crowds of people (although i suppose that won’t come as a surprise). Taiyuan Street itself is “pedestrian only” in its central section. Taiyuan Street, as well as the other streets in the area, are lined with both small shops and gigantic shopping malls. Here you can find just about every kind of product imaginable…cell phones, clothing, shoes, artwork, etc. 
Recommended: Go to Pizza Hut or Europaer if you’re starving for authentic Western food after a long day of pushing through crowds and haggling prices.
How to get there: Taiyuan Street runs north-south between bei liu ma lu (北六马路) and nan wu ma lu (南五马路).  Its a few blocks east of the south train station.  The following bus routes will take you to the area: 203, 501, 207, 263, 4240, 220, 103, 240, 237, 129,

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