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BOCOG expects biggest Paralympic audience yet

Updated:2008-06-06 17:11 | Source:

  (BEIJING, November 29) -- The number of the live broadcasts and size of the audience of the Beijing Paralympics will surpass those of past Paralympic Games, BOCOG Media Operations Department Director Sun Weijia disclosed Thursday.

  He promised that the media covering the Paralympics would enjoy the same facilities and services as the media covering the Olympics, although the number of members of the media covering the Paralympics is comparatively smaller than for the Olympics.

  BOCOG has made full consideration for the needs of the Paralympics in terms of accessible facilities in its media operations, which are also in the interest of spectators with a disability, Sun told the press.

  As far as the rate-card service is concerned, those journalists who intend to cover both the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics will be treated preferentially in terms of the cost of the facilities used during the Paralympics. Those who cover only the Paralympics will also be given lower rates than those covering the Olympics, Sun added.

  Like the Beijing Olympics, the Paralympics will be broadcast with high definition TV signals. The host broadcaster of the Olympics, the Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co. Ltd (BOB), will be also the host broadcaster of the Paralympics. It is the first time that a host broadcaster is responsible for both the Olympic Summer Games and Paralympic Games. BOCOG will rely on Chinese TV teams to produce the signals, with participation from a staff of 600.

  The Beijing Olympics will be held from August 8 to 24 and is expected to attract 21,600 accredited written, photographic, and broadcast press members. The Paralympics will be held from September 6 to 17, 2008 and is expected to attract 4,000 accredited press members.

Editor : LiuAnqi

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