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Other Questions

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  Why can't I receive any email from this ticketing website?

  Several factors can prevent you from receiving our email, some of which are caused by your own email account settings, and some caused by your email providers. When this happens, please try the following:

  Verify that the email address on your ticketing account is correct;

  Check the space available in your email account;

  Check whether your email account has a high security level;

  Add to your address book in your email account;

  Check your spam email folder. If our email is found in that folder, please move it back to your inbox.

  Report to your email provider that you are not receiving legitimate emails from and ask about their filters.

  Change to a different email provider.

  Is it secure to submit my application online?

  Please feel confident when you transact on this website. All the customer account pages are secured web pages. In addition, during a transmission, important information like your personal profile, Visa card number, Bank of China account number will all be encrypted. You will find more information regarding this issue in privacy.

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