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Online Purchasing Flow

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The official ticketing website of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games gives prompts and links on each page to help you navigate through the ticket ordering process. You may also refer to the following illustration for a quick overview of the online ordering flow.

Register/Sign In

You need to sign in to your account in order to order tickets online.

If you do not have an online account with us, please first check the eligibility rules to determine if you are eligible to order tickets through this website. When registering, please use your true identity.

Search for Sessions

You can use the search function to find sessions of your interest. Searches can be performed by sport, date or venue. Once you find a session you like, you may click on the "Continue" button to proceed to the next page to request tickets for this session.

Select Ticket

On the Ticket Request page, you must specify quantity and price level to add the desired session to the Request List.

Some sessions or price levels may be marked as "Currently Unavailable"; however, you may still add them to your Request List and submit them to check for availability as ticket availability is always changing.

Add to Request List

Your Request List is saved automatically each time you add or remove a session. It will be kept in your online account until the order is completed. Your request list can be viewed in the default table view, or in the calendar view.

To remove a selection, please use the "Remove" button on the right.

Add More Tickets

You can add a maximum of 2 sessions to your Request List. For each session, you may not exceed the ticket limit specified for that session.

Choose Payment Method and Check Out

When you are ready to check out with your ticket selection, please select "Pay Online" or "Pay Offline" from the Request List page.
  • If you choose to pay online, you can use a Visa card to pay for your order over the web.
  • If you choose to pay offline, you must first submit your ticket order online, and then go to any participating Bank of China ticket outlet to settle your balance before the specified deadline.
Ticket orders with over-due balance will be cancelled by the system. Please refer to Phase 3 Payment Instructions for more details.

Ticket Availability Feedback and Lock Down

While the system checks for available tickets, you may experience a short delay. If you refresh the page or use the Back button at this time, you will lose your position in the queue. The web page will return a list of available tickets found in the system and the total price will be re-calculated. These tickets are now locked for you to complete the checkout process.

All checkout pages will display at the top a time limit to complete the current step. If the time limit is exceeded, previously locked tickets will be released for other customers to order. You will have to re-submit your Request List but the ticket availability may have changed in the new round.

Make Visa Payment Online

This page is only displayed if you choose to pay online with a Visa card. Please check your profile information displayed on this page and click the "Edit" button if you need to make any changes. Fill out your Visa card information as required on the page before proceeding to the next page.

Review Your Order

Please carefully review all information listed on the Order Review page to confirm your ticket selection, your ticket pick-up location and the details of your payment method. If you need to make any changes, please click the "Cancel" button to go back to the Request List.

Submit Your Order

If you choose to pay online with your Visa card, system will send your Visa card information for online authorization. Once your online payment goes through, you will see a confirmation page confirming your order. The tickets you ordered will be displayed on the Confirmed Tickets page in your online account.

If you choose to pay offline, you will also see a confirmation page but your order is saved in the system as unpaid. You will find all your unpaid orders on the "Unpaid Orders" page in your online account.

Pay Offline

If you have an unpaid order, you must go to any Bank of China ticket outlet to submit your payment within the specified deadline. After the deadline, unpaid orders will be cancelled.

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