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Registration and Online Account

Updated:2008-06-06 15:43 | Source:

  I registered on this website my ticket application submission. Do I need to re-register in new ticketing phases?

  Once created, your online ticketing account is valid for the entire game. You don't need to and shouldn't create more than one account for yourself.

  What is "Link Account"?

  Linking Ticketing Account is a convenient way for offline users to activate their online ticketing accounts which also presents their previous ticketing records. It applies to the offline users who have been allocated Olympic tickets in Phase 1, and/or have placed ticket orders through Bank of China Olympic Ticket Outlets or through the Call Center since Phase 2 started.

  An account generated through "linking" functions the same way as that generated through "creating".

  When linking your account, you will be prompted to enter your personal information that must exactly match the information on your Ticket Application Form or any previous ticket orders you submitted. You will also need a valid personal email address which will be used as your sign-in user name on this website.

  If you do not have any confirmed tickets or ticket orders, please use the "Create an Account" function instead.

  Why is an email address required when registering for an Olympic ticketing account?

  The email address will be used as your user name for signing into your online Olympic ticketing account. It must be a valid email address that can be used for sending and receiving emails. Once you log in, you can edit your email address by clicking on the "Edit Profile" link on the My Account page.

  It always fails on the "word verification box". What should I do?

  If the code is hard to read, please click the "Change Image" button next to the word verification box for a new picture. Please remember, when you change a new picture, you will need to enter and confirm your password again before submitting your registration form.

  Does it cost anything to receive email and letters from BOCOG or any parties authorized by BOCOG?

  No, they are free of charge.

  I entered incorrect information when creating my ticketing account. How do I correct it?

  Please sign into your ticketing account, and go to "Edit Profile" to correct it. Please remember to click the "submit" button after you are satisfied with the changes made to your profile.

  I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

  Under the "Password" box on the Sign-In page, there is a "forgot password?" link. Please click on this link, and then follow the online prompts. Your password will be sent to the email address that you previously provided us.

  I forgot which email address I used for registration. How can I find out?

  Under the "Email Address" box on the Sign-In page, there is a "forgot your email?" link. Please click on this link, and then follow the online prompts. The email address used for registering your ticketing account will be retrieved and displayed on the next screen.

  I cannot log into my ticketing account. What should I do?

  You must first create an online ticketing account before you can log in. If you forgot your email address or password, you can go to the sign in page and click on the "forgot your email?" or the "forgot your password?" link respectively for automated assistance.

  I submitted my account registration form with a non-existing email address by mistake, and then forgot my sign-in password. The system is now blocking me from creating a new account. What should I do?

  Please send an email to for assistance. In the email, please include your ID information and the best contact information for us to reach you.

  My email address was used by someone else for registering an account on the Olympic ticketing site. Now I'm unable to register for myself. What should I do?

  Please go to our ticketing website, and click on the "Forgot Password?" link on the Sign-in page. By following the online prompts, you will be sent an email containing your current account password; you may then use the received password to sign in to the ticketing account associated with this email address. Once you log in, please edit the user profile information to match your real identity. We also suggest you change the account password for further protection.

Editor : LiuAnqi

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