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Sports vs. Events

Throughout this ticketing website, a sport refers to a sport discipline, which includes at least one event. For example, Athletics is the name of a sport discipline, and the 100m, 200m, etc. races are events conducted as part of the Athletics sport discipline.


A session is how we describe one or more events happening within a set time period. Most sessions include several events or games of the same sport. For example, an Athletics session will likely include multiple track and field events, and many of the team sports have more than one game per session. We display the contents and duration of a session on the search result page.

Non-ticketed Sessions

A number of road sessions are non-ticketed free sessions, including Cycling Road and Marathon. Spectators can line the route and watch the competitions free of charge. Schedules for non-ticketed sessions are also listed on our ticketing site for users' reference.

Linking Account

If you have never created an online account through this website, but have successfully purchased Olympic tickets through any participating Bank of China outlet or the CNC call center, you may activate your online account on this website. Once the account is activated, you will be able to manage your online profile and ticket orders online. Please note that a valid personal email address is required for linking your account.

Ticket Account Number

Once customers have confirmed tickets or ticket orders in their accounts, they will be assigned unique identifying numbers, called Ticketing Account Numbers. This number allows for the quick retrieval of account records, an important way to assist customers with questions regarding their account activity.

Request List

The request list in each customer's account is updated and saved automatically each time a new item is added to it until the list is finally submitted or until user logs out. Ticket availability may change during the ticket selection process, i.e. a previously available ticket may become unavailable, and an unavailable ticket may have become available.

In short, a request list acts as a wish list. The system will check ticket availability only after the request list is submitted for checkout. Therefore there is no guarantee that all the selections on a request list will be fulfilled.

Calendar View (Confirmed Tickets)

The link to Calendar View is placed on the "Confirmed Tickets" page. Once clicked, a calendar of all the Olympic sessions with tickets already purchased is conveniently displayed.

Planning Calendar (Request List)

The link to Planning Calendar is placed on the "Request List" page. Once clicked, a calendar of all the Olympic sessions currently in the Request list is conveniently displayed.

Check-out Time Limit

To enable as many customers as possible to check out their Request lists within a time period, a Check-out Time Limit is featured on each check-out page. The time limit should be sufficient for customers to comfortably complete each page. Should a customer exceed this time limit, the system will release the locked tickets for other users to select. When this happens, the customer will have to re-submit his/her Request list. Locked tickets in this new round may be different from the previous round.

Order Payment Deadline

"Order Payment Deadline" applies to any unpaid orders. For example, if a customer clicked the "Pay Offline" button from the Request List page, the customer is required to submit the payment before the specified deadline at any participating Bank of China ticket outlet. Orders that are not paid for before the deadline will be cancelled.

Ticket Ordering Limit

There is a limit on the maximum number of tickets a customer can request for any particular session per order. The limit for each session is listed in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Events Schedule and Ticket Price Guide, as well as on the Request Ticket page. Requests for tickets exceeding the posted limits will be blocked from a user's Request List.

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