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The Dongfang Hotel

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  The Dongfang Hotel Established in 1982, the Dongfang Hotel is the first three-star hotel in downtown Tongzhou, a suburban district of Beijing, which has introduced modern management. Sitting in the center of Tongzhou Town, the hotel is superb in terms of its geographic location and is easy to access. It is linked to Chang'an Avenue, Beijing's thoroughfare, by the Beijing-Tongzhou Expressway, and stands just 30 kilometers away from the Beijing International Airport. After the completion of the Bawangfen-Tongzhou light rail line now under construction and the opening of several new bus lines running from Tongzhou to downtown Beijing, the hotel will be even easier to reach. The hotel has 81 standard guestrooms and executive suites capable of accommodating 248 people at once; nine restaurants with elegant settings and independent rooms that serve European, Japanese and Chinese food; and 10 convention rooms of different sizes and with a total seating capacity of 280 people. In addition, it has a tea house,

  Location:30km from airport, 17km from the Beijing Railway Station Bus Routes:728、647、312、848、322、846、342 Surrounding Environment:Dipamkara Dagoba; Yunhe Square Catering Facilities:tea food Recreation Facilities:tea house, a café, a ballroom, a bar, a shuffleboard room, a billiard room, and chess and card room Conference Facilities:Fully equiped conference rooms can accomodate 300 people at the same time Disabled-Friendly Facilities :passages, guest rooms, public toilets, parking spots for the disabled person

  Address:#12, Chezhan Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing ZIP:101100 Telephone: 69546870/69547577 Fax: 69543550


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