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Beijing Tongyuan Hotel

Updated:2008-06-06 14:32 | Source:

  Beijing Tongyuan Hotel Beijing Tongyuan Hotel is located Beiyuan 135 number, Tongzhou district, the east end of Chang'an Avenue. The hotel is easily accessible. It takes 15 minutes by car from the hotel to the center of the city, 25 minutes by bus or by city railway. The hotel covers 2380 square meters, its parking area is 1000 square meters. There are 80 rooms in the hotel that accommodate 180 persons, including 38 standard rooms, 42 commercial rooms. It can bathe in 24 hours. Different sorts of rooms will meet your different needs. The Hotel was invested and constructed by Road-Bridge Group First Road Project Bureau. It gathers eating and living together,managed according to two-star standard. Various kinds of facilities, such as VIP service, dialing telephone, Chinese restaurant containing 120 persons, shopping counter offering beverage and grocery, washing service, conference rooms, commercial center, internet in rooms, taxi service, parking area refined in inside fitting of hotel. The hotel lies at the Beiyuan station, Tongzhou district, the east end of Chang'an Avenue, the west neighbored Huangpu college and the east Chuyi hotel. It was three stations by bus to downtown where can shopping and amusement.

  Bus Routes:342、728、855、930、938、848、312、322

  Address:No.135 Beiyuan, Tongzhou district, Beijing Telephone: 69542137、69534408 Email: Fax: 69534407


Editor : Zhu Jia

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