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Zhongyan Pinggu Training Center

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  Zhongyan Pinggu Training Center This training center is located at Jinlanyu, which covers 1,700 hectors near Jinhai Lake. The center has a standard guest room building, villas and Beijing-style courtyard houses in addition to its conference and entertainment buildings. Outside can be found tennis courts, basket courts, a driving range and a fishing pond. The medium and high-grade restaurants at the center have been certified through the ISO quality management system and HACCP food safety management system. Various catering needs can be met. The training center is a garden-like hotel. It has a Chinese garden, peach garden, pomegranate garden, pear garden, bamboo garden, plum garden, cherry garden, orchid garden, magnolia, Chinese rose garden and tropical plant garden. In the large green area can be found a melon shed, grapery and Jinye Lake. The gardens in the center of the complex bear the characteristics of both Chinese landscapes and modern gardens. Evergreen trees, flowers, fruits, fresh air, zigzagging stone pat

  Location:50km from the Beijing Capital Airport; 75km from the railway station Bus Routes:918 Driving Directions:Jingshun Road--Pingshun Fast Road--Pinggu District Commuter Service:provided Surrounding Environment:Jinhai Lake, Jindong Cave and Jindong Canyon Types of Rooms:standard rooms, suites, business suites Catering Facilities:7 restaurants for 200 people. Mainly serves local cuisine. Recreation Facilities:badminton, pingpong、billiards、fitting devices;golf、 tennis、fishing;sauna、feet massage Conference Facilities:9 conference rooms with different sizes and 3 multifunctional halls

  Address:1 Shangzhizhai Beijie, Pinggu District ZIP:101200 Telephone: 69915028 Fax: 69915999


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