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St. Michael’s Cathedral

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St. Michael’s Cathedral is a Gothic/Roman cathedral designed by the German architect Pepieruch. Originally named St. Emil Church, the cathedral was completed in 1934. It is an important religious structure in Qingdao and is Qingdao’s largest and most opulent church. Today more than 10,000 Catholics in Qingdao attend services there.

After climbing the steep road off Zhongshan Lu, the 200 ft twin spires rise majestically before you, claiming dominance over the surrounding buildings. Replicating a style found throughout much of Western Europe, its twin red-tiled spires rise above an arched main entrance with finely carved stonework. By entering the adjoining grounds through a wrought-iron gate, visitors will find a statue of the Virgin Mary on a pedestal.

Illuminated through stained-glass windows, the main hall’s interior walls are adorned with murals depicting scenes from the life of Christ. The cool white interior is interestingly offset by garish pictures and life-size wax models of famous Christians, including a huge mural of a beatific Mary and some simple Franciscans with threadbare clothing. The sanctuary features the Latin words ‘Gloria in Excels is Deo’ beneath a blue and gold dome-shaped ceiling bearing scenes of celestial heavenly visions. Surrounding buildings related to the cathedral, such as St Michael’s Gallery, are also architectural wonders transported from distant lands. There is no doubt that much of the roof and window design of these buildings display 18th century French and German influence.

How to get there:

Trolley: No. 2, 5; Bus: No. 1, 6, 214, 225, 367

Open Daily: 8:00 – 17:00

Entrance: 5 Yuan

Editor : Zhang Yun

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