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Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park is

  located in the northwestern part of Miyun County,

  and the park gate is at the 81.5-kilometer point of

  the Jingfeng (Beijing-Fengning) highway.

  YunmengMountain is one of the well-known picturesque

  mountains in suburban Beijing, and is a forest park

  of a unique landform. In the park, the mountains are

  high and towering, the valleys and ravines are steep

  and deep, the peaks and stones are weirdly shaped,

  there are many waterfalls and gushing springs, the

  clouds and mist are beautiful and mysterious, and

  forests, flowers and grasses are vibrant and thick.

  All these form the picturesque natural scenery, and

  the mountain is so nicknamed small Huangshan

  Mountain in Beijing.

  Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park occupies a

  total area of 2,208 hectares, and the elevation of

  its main peak is 1,414 meters. The forest park has

  rich scenic resources, thick forests and plenty of

  animal and plant varieties, and 711 species of green

  plants. From April to October, bushes and flowers

  blossom, producing a vibrant and beautiful picture.

  According to weather statistics, temperature in

  Yunmeng Mountain is general 6-7 degrees centigrade

  lower than that in the plain area, and the content

  of negative ion in the air is 6-12 times bigger than

  that in the cities, and air humidity and ventilation

  conditions are all favorable. The national forest

  park is the first choice for escaping from summer

  heat and for carrying out forest ecological tourism.

  In the Yunmeng Mountain National Forest Park, there

  is a legend that Sun Bin and Pang Juan kowtowed to

  Guiguzi to learn arts and skills from him, and this

  legend is evidenced by the ruins of the Temple of

  Sun Bin at the main peak of Yunmeng Mountain. These

  add much atmosphere of mystery to the Yunmeng

  Mountain. The strange peaks, weirdly-shaped rocks,

  ponds and waterfalls, seas of clouds, forests and

  ancient ruins of the Yunmeng Mountain form different

  vivid landscapes. Yunmeng Mountain integrates the

  functions of sightseeing and tourism, escaping from

  summer heat and vacationing, fitness and

  recuperation, scientific exploration and expedition

  together. At the same time, it is an ideal place for

  students, from primary schools, middle schools and

  universities, to conduct field studies of wild

  animals and plants, and to gather specimens.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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