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Yanqi Lake

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  Located about 10 kilometers to the north of

  Huairou District of Beijing, it is a comprehensive

  recreation place integrating sightseeing, vacation

  spending, and physical exercises. One can get there

  by 111 National Road or Shatong Railway. It used to

  be called North Taishang Reservoir. In 1985, Beijing

  Tourism Planning Department decided to develop it to

  be a tourist site. As the water of the reservoir

  comes from Yanqi River, and there are large crowds

  of wild geese taking a rest here both in spring and

  autumn, it is called Yanqi Lake. In 1987, it was

  formally open to receive the visitors.

  Yanqi Lake is surrounded by mountains in three

  directions, adjacent to Mutianyu Great Wall in the

  north, Hongluo Temple in the west, and North China

  Plain in the south. Yanqi Lake has abundant water

  source and spacious water surface. The acreage of

  its upstream is 127 square kilometers. The lake

  holds 3830 cubic meters of water, and the water

  surface is 230 hectares. The lakeshore line

  stretches about 20 kilometers, with the deepest

  place at 25 meters. The water comes from the Lotus

  Spring and the Shentangyu Stream in its upper

  reaches. Now there are more than 50 recreation and

  sports items in the park. The aquatic items include

  large passenger ship, dragon boat, barge, speed

  boat, motorcycle above water, flying umbrella above

  water, racing car above water, rowing boat and

  pedalo, etc. The land items include advancing in rip

  current, roller coaster, super spaceship, disc war

  chariot, challenger racing car, rocket-style bungee,

  flyer, landing on the water surface, sheave pulley

  on high mountains, rock climbing, arrow shooting,

  mini-drifting, etc. The forests on the Jinteng Mount

  beside the lake are exuberant, with winding paths.

  The footpath leads to the pavilion on the summit

  overlooking the lake. By climbing there, the

  tourists can not only do some physical exercises,

  return to nature, but also appreciate the whole view

  of the lake. The tourists can go past the 560-meter

  -long float bridge to the scenic area on the west

  bank of the lake, stroll on the forest paths,

  breathe the fresh air full of negative oxygen ions,

  and enjoy leisure and delight in natural forests.

  The accessory facilities of the park are complete.

  There is a vacation village beside the lake, which

  can accommodate 200 tourists. There are about 30

  top-rate hotels around the lake area, containing

  10,000 beds, more than 200 conference rooms of

  various sizes, as well as other recreation and

  sports facilities such as sauna, bowling, indoor

  swimming, gym, card and chess room, karaoke, etc.

  There are six restaurants in the park, which can

  hold 2000 people at the same time. There are more

  than 100 special delicacies served including roasted

  rainbow trout and roasted whole lamb.

  Rocket-style Bungee:It was introduced from New

  Zealand in October 1998. As the first of this kind

  of activities, it is safe, reliable, and thrilling.

  Racing car above water: Built in April 1998, it is

  the earliest in the country. The racetrack is above

  the water surface, composed of 18 sections of

  reinforced concrete and extending for 398 meters.

  There are altogether four curved tracks and two

  slopes. The highest speed might reach 50 kilometers.

  Flyer:It is also called flying bungee. It was

  introduced from New Zealand in August 1999. The

  operators drag the participant with a rope to the

  height of 40 meters, operate the remote controller,

  then the participant will dive to the ground. The

  participant will swing at a radius of 30 meters. The

  distance of the sweep is near 70 meters, and the

  swinging height is 35 meters. This challenging

  activity can engage two or three men.

  Sheave pulley on high mountains: Built in June 2000,

  it is a large-scale amusement project, first of its

  kind in the country. The starting point is the top

  of Jindeng Mount in the park, and the ending point

  is at the foot of the lake. The slide is 1200 meters

  long and 3.5 meters wide, paved by reinforced

  concrete. There are altogether six curves.

  Participants will drive the unpowered pulleys and

  whirl downwards along the slide way, control the

  speed by inertia and gradient. The highest speed can

  reach 40 kilometers per hour.

  Rock climbing:It was built by imitating the natural

  cliffs according to the international standards. It

  is 15 meters high, with eight international standard

  tracks. Built in 1999 with a total acreage of 630

  square meters, it was then the largest man-made

  cliff with the most tracks. It is both suitable for

  amateurs to exercise and have fun, but also suitable

  for professional competition.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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