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Xiangshui Lake

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  It is located to the east of Dazhenyu Village

  of Bohai Town, Huairou District, about 85 kilometers

  away from the downtown. Route: Take Bus 916 at

  Dongzhimen Long-distance Bus Station to Huairou

  International Conference Center, and then change to

  mini-bus. If you drive by yourself, you may drive

  along the Jingmi Expressway to Huairou, drive

  westwards for about 13 kilometers after going past

  the Mutianyu Roundabout. It is a scenic spot

  integrating the Great Wall, ancient cave, mountains

  and water, spring, pond and falls. It was opened to

  the public in 1998.

  The scenic spot covers an area of 18 square

  kilometers, and stretches for five kilometers. The

  main sights include Xiangshui Lake, Moshikou Great

  Wall and Lianyunling Great Wall. Xiangshui Lake in

  the north part of the scenic spot is not a large

  water area, but the source of spring. As the spring

  has a large volume, so the sound of water can be

  heard a thousand meters away, so it is called

  Xiangshui Lake (which means sounding water). The

  Ming Great Walls are winding above the mountain

  ridge in the scenic spot. The Great Walls here are

  the Moshikou Pass, which were built in 1404, with

  more than 600 years of history. A water pass was

  built here during the Wanli Period of the Ming

  Dynasty, which was also called wengcheng (small town

  outsidethe city gate), with two gates. This kind of

  pass is very rare in ancient Great Wall. Now it is

  quite well preserved. Four Chinese characters in the

  meaning of strong fortification written by Xu Maoqi

  were engraved on the cliffs. In 1973, the Ministry

  of Water Resource built a dam 33 meters in height

  and 112 meters in length, which adds grandiosity to

  the ancient Great Wall. Yangsheng Canyon was to the

  northwest of the scenic spot. The mountainous

  springs rush down from the pools, forming groups of

  falls of different sizes. Walking upwards along the

  paths, one can see the stone carved pictures of 50

  famous doctors in ancient times, such as Li Shizhen,

  Tao Hongjing, and Dong Feng. There are also other

  scenic sopts including Tuteng Pavilion, Lianyun

  Cave, Stone carvings on the cliffs, deity dog

  barking at the sky, Mother Buddha holding a baby,

  deity frog guarding the spring, etc. Tree-planting

  activity is held in March and April each year, and

  Festival of Leaf Appreciation and Fruit Picking is

  held in September and October each year.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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