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Tiger Valley Natural Scenic Spot

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  It is a national level scenic spot,

  integrating both natural scenery and human

  landscape. Located in Nankou Town of Changping

  District and at the north side of the Badaling

  Expressway, it has an area of 94 square kilometers

  and stretches for 12.5 kilometers, very close to

  Juyong Pass. One can arrive there by bus. It was

  opened to the public in 1987.

  With mountains, valleys and streams, this scenic

  spot has 36 sights, including Tongtian Pool, Huyu

  Mount, Tianqiao Cave, Huyu Falls, Que’r Cave, etc.

  Huyu Falls is one of the ancient eight greatest

  scenic spots of Beijing. The 30-meter falls above

  the Tongtian Pool plunge into the deep pond, and the

  roaring sound together with the echoes can be heard

  from afar. White clouds gather in front of the Que’

  r Cave, and the draught is strong at the mouth of

  the cave. When one enters the cave, it seems that a

  faerie is pushing slightly behind. The cave is deep

  and fogs always flow out of it in rainy days. The

  nine pools connected by nine falls are extremely

  beautiful and rare. The human landscape is mainly

  the Hundred-faerie Cave, including Luck Palace,

  Xuanyuan Ancestral Temple, Mazu Ancestral Temple,

  Guangong Ancestral Temple, Zhaogong Ancestral

  Temple, Huiyuan Palace, Puguang Palace, Jiuru

  Palace, Liuhe Palace, Xianning Palace, Desheng

  Palace, Yuanjue Palace, and Taixu Palace. There are

  128 statues of Sakyamuni, Lao-tsu, Mazu, Guangong,

  etc. The statue of Dripping Kwan-yin is in a cave 70

  meters high. There is also the scenic sight of

  Primitive World inside the Hundred-faerie Cave.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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