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The Songshan ForestTourist Area

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  The Songshan ForestTourist Area isa part of

  the Songshan Natural Protection Area. It is situated

  to the northwest of Yanqing District, Beijing, in

  the middle of the Jundu Mountain region. It is more

  than 90 kilometers from the city. The tourist area

  is a specially administered region. It has an

  exceptional natural environment with rich plant and

  animal resources. In 1986 the area was designated as

  a National Nature Protection Area by the State

  Council. In 2000 it was designated as a Municipal

  Tourist Attraction.

  The total area of the protection area is 4,660

  hectares. The core area is 1,819 hectares. The

  experimental area is 1,578 hectares and the tourist

  area is 1,263 hectares. There is a lot of wildlife

  within the park. The forest is lush and dense, and

  there are more than 180 types of vertebrate animals

  and 700 types of plants in the area. There are more

  than 50 hectares of Chinese pines that have been

  well preserved. Stele inscriptions from the reign of

  Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty recorded this

  area as Green pines and cypresses showing beautiful

  dark green. In spring and autumn, Hundreds of wild

  flowers are in full bloom and the birds are tuning

  their songs here. The area thrives with natural


  The Haituo Mountain Peak within the beautiful park

  has an elevation of 2199.6 meters, and is the second

  highest peak in the Beijing area. There are also

  more than 30 scenic spots such as the Natural

  Chinese Pines, One-hundred Waterfalls Spring, Eight

  Immortals Cave, Flying Dragon Cliff and other

  natural splendors, each of which have their own

  special characteristics.

  Songshan Tourist Area enjoys a classical mountain

  climate. Because of the high elevation and its

  geographic features, the climate is beneficial to

  people. It is one of the parts of Beijing with a

  lower temperature. The average annual temperature

  here is 7¡æ, 4 degrees lower than Beijing and 2.9

  degrees lower than Chengde.

  The hot springs of Songshan Mountain have been

  famous at all ages, and the area has been a

  destination for medical pilgrimages for a long time.

  The temperature of the hot springs is 45¡æ. Every

  day more than 2,000 cubic meters of water pours from

  the springs. The water contains 37 different natural

  elements such as kalium, magnesium, sulfur, iron and

  others. The fluorin content in the water is as high

  as 12mg/liter, making the spring particularly

  effective for the treatment of skin diseases,

  arthritis, rheumatoid and neuralgia. It has

  attracted a great many visitors to the baths over

  the ages.

  The Songshan Natural Protection Zone is the ideal

  place for scientific research or educational

  practice. It is also a great place to pass a

  vacation, seek medical treatment, write poetry or

  paint, or enjoy the splendor of the wilderness. The

  facilities here are already quite complete after a

  few years of development.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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