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Stone Forests Valley of East Beijing

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  It is located at the Huangsongyu in the

  northeast part of the Pinggu District of Beijing.

  Route: One can arrive there by going along the

  Airport Expressway to Shunping Road or by going

  along the Jingshun Road to Shunping Road. It is 85

  kilometers away from the Second Ring Road of

  Beijing. In 1999, it was opened to the public. In

  2005, large-scale transformation has been made and

  it was re-opened to the public in April 2006. The

  stone forest valley has dense plantations and clear

  air, so it is a natural scenic spot integrating

  suitable for holidays and recreation. The total

  acreage of the scenic spot is 12 square kilometers,

  and the total length is six kilometers. The mounts

  in the scenic area are high and steep, like stone

  forests. There are two patches of stone forests in

  the Stone Forests Valley of East Beijing, which are

  grandiose and varied in shapes; some look like huge

  pens; some look like strong lions; some look like

  graceful girls. There are many huge stones in the

  scenic spot of Stone Forest Valley. Some are

  standing on the high cliffs; some are erecting on

  slopes; and some are hidden in the valley. Apart

  from sights such as steep Wangzi Cliff, Xiagu Stone,

  flying stone, etc., there is the cool small world

  like an imaginary world. In addition, the four-layer

  falls at a drop height of 120 meters dive down with

  roaring sounds, like silver chains or broken jades.

  In recent years, about 4000 square meters of outdoor

  bathing place have been built for tourists to enjoy

  a leisurely life. During the period from July to

  September, tourists can have an experience of

  picking fruits and vegetables. There are more than

  10 ponds in the valley, with exhaustless water

  source. The cliffs in the valley are high and steep,

  with countless cypress trees growing on it. One

  would marvel at their vitality.

  Stone Forest Mount: The summit is standing erectly;

  There are ever-green pines and cypress trees, surges

  of waves, reflecting upon each other with the

  wonderful natural sceneries around. Especially on

  the summit of the stone forest mount after the rain

  when the vapor rises, and clouds are formed, one

  feels like in a fairy land.

  Cool Small World: It is the coolest place within the

  scenic spot, with beads of water spraying on every

  part of cliffs. The stones are covered with lichen,

  with dense umbrage around. It is an ideal place for

  enjoying the coolness in hot summer.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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