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Shijinglong Skiing Resort

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  The Shijinglong Skiing Resort is located in

  Yanqing, a county famous for tourism in the Beijing

  area. The resort is located 8 kilometers away from

  the county town of Yanqing, 80 kilometers from the

  downtown area of Beijing and 3 kilometers from

  Longqing Gorge, which has long enjoyed the

  reputation of being the Small Lijiang River north of

  the Great Wall. It was the first ski resort in

  Beijing open to the public in 1999. Under the

  guidance of the idea of building up an Alps in

  China, the Shijinglong Skiing Resort, as a pioneer

  in the Beijing ski industry, has continually

  enlarged its scale and improved the construction of

  its facilities in recent years so as to provide

  skiers with a good, comfortable and friendly ski

  slopes. Today the skiing area covers more than 600

  mu (mu is a Chinese unit of area equal to 1/15 a

  hectare) of land, and contains 8 ski slopes of

  different grades (expert, medium and amateur). The

  slopes are over 5,000 meters long and cover 180,000

  square meters. The expert slope is more than 1,000

  meters long at an average width of 50-odd meters has

  earned itself the title of the top ski slope in

  Beijing. The resort is equipped with one double-

  chair cable car, one four-chair cable car, six T

  dragging cableways, two snow rolling cars made in

  Germany and fifteen advanced snow-making machines.

  In the skiing resort, there is a large parking lot

  covering an area of 36,000 square meters. The resort

  also provides more than 5,000 skiing facilities of

  various types and it has the capacity to allow 5,000

  people to enjoy snow entertainment activities

  simultaneously. In order to keep itself at the

  international level, the Shijinglong Skiing Resort

  started a program called snow hot-spring in 2002 and

  thus established its leading position as one of the

  skiing areas in China that compares favorably to

  those abroad. The skiing field also employs 100

  instructors who provide snowboard and ski fans with

  teaching services at different levels of difficulty

  so as to meet their various needs. The Shijinglong

  Skiing Resort is really an excellent winter resort

  with convenient room and boarding services that lets

  you enjoy the fun of skiing.

  1£® Please check your skis, ski poles and ski boots

  after you rent ski equipment. You can change them if

  they are not in good condition.

  2£® It is highly recommended that you wear ski

  suits and protective gear such as specialized

  gloves, face guards and kneepads.

  3£® Don’t play on the expert slope unless you are

  skilled enough to stop safely and avoid colliding

  with the other skiers and the obstacles on the


  4£® Stay by the side of the slope and look out for

  other skiers when resting..

  5£® Stop immediately if any problems with the ski

  equipment arise. If these problems cannot be solved,

  please go and find the technicians.

  6£® Avoid colliding with the skiers in front of

  you. You will be responsible for the consequences of

  any accidents you instigate.

  7£® Please follow the directions of instructors if

  you are just an amateur. You should learn to ski

  step by step.

  8£® Those who suffer from heart disease,

  hypertension and acrophobia are forbidden to ski.

  Please inform the on-site rescue team if you find

  anybody hurt.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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