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Shidu Scenic Area

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  Featured titles: AAAA Tourist Attraction,

  National Geological Park, Municipal Scenic Area

  Brief introduction: Located in Shidu and Zhangfang

  Town in Fangshan District, Beijing, Shidu Scenic

  Area is 96 kilometers away from the city. It has the

  largest and most typical Karst valleys in north

  China and is the closest scenic spot of its kind to

  Beijing. Renowned as Green Mountains and River,

  Hundred Li Art Gallery, it has twelve geological

  landscapes such as the Flying Rock, Chinese

  character Buddha in the Dragon Mountain, Rock in a

  Rock and more. The Juma River winds its way across

  the mountains like a jade belt, and sets off the

  peaks. The landscape here combines the majesty of

  north and the grace of south China. Shhidu Scenic

  Area was designated as one of the Sixteen New Scenic

  Spots in Beijing in 1986, one of the first batch of

  Scenic Areas in Beijing Municipality, National AAA

  Tourist Attraction in 1999, and approved as National

  Geological Park in 2004. There are such scenic spots

  as Juma Garden, Gushan Mountain Village, Pudu

  Mountain Villa, Cemetery of Martyrs in Ping Xi Anti

  -Japanese War,FairyDwelling Cave, Donghu Valley,

  Xihu Valley and more in this area. Tourists may also

  enjoy the recreational programs such as Bungee Jump,

  Cliff Parachute, Ropeway, Rock Climbing, Glider,

  Drift, Paddle Boat, Kayak, Surfing, Motor Boat, Sand

  Beach Bathing, Horse Riding and more.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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