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Cuandixia Scenic Area

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  Cuandixia scenic area is located in western

  Beijing, about 90 kilometers from downtown Beijing.

  The village was built during the reign of Emperor

  Yongle of the Ming Dynasty, and is the best-

  preserved ancient village.

  The ancient village was constructed against a

  mountain slope, under the control at the north-south

  central axial line with Mount Longtou as the center.

  The 76 fine and neat quadrangular dwellingchange

  along the terrain, expand down the slope in the form

  of a fan, and are concentrated on the limited land

  area. The entire village is neatly and harmoniously

  structured. A bird’s eye view of the village finds

  that the village is like a shoe-shaped gold ingot.

  With its unique architectural arts and natural

  landscapes with a karst terrain, the village is the

  most ideal place for sketching, photographing and

  shooting movies and TV programs.

  In recent years, Cuandixia village won such titles

  as national class-A scenic area, major historic site

  under national protection, China’s famous

  historical and cultural village, China’s ancient

  village with best tourism values, China’s

  outstanding tourist destination and city-level fold

  custom tourist village.

  Cuandixia village has 40 rural families operating

  home-style tourism, and has the capacity of

  accommodating more than 760 visitors at the same

  time. The villagers provide quality catering and

  accommodation services to visitors.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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