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Beijing Crab Island Green Ecological Resort

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  The resort, a national sample spot of

  agricultural tourism, is located at No. 1 Xiedao

  Road, Jinzhan Town, Chaoyang District, about 10

  kilometers from the center of the city. It is a

  comprehensive tourist resort that integrates eco-

  agriculture sightseeing, catering, conference

  service, accommodation, leisure and vacation.

  The resort covers a total area of 2 square

  kilometers, with a 0.2-sqaure-meter resort area and

  a 1.8-square-meter eco-agriculture sightseeing area.

  It integrates eco-agriculture sightseeing, organic

  food production, logistics processing and sale into

  a complete, self-contained system by following the

  field-behind-shop mode that combines farming with

  tourism, and the principle of Being Ecological,

  Environmental-Friendly and Sustainable’ that is

  embodied by material circulation (coexistence of

  crops and crabs), energy circulation (comprehensive

  utilization of water resources and waste), and

  information circulation (coordination and

  integration of industries). Stressing harmony

  between man and nature, the area has well adjusted

  its industrial structure and finished the

  industrialization process.

  The resort focuses on reproducing the appearance of

  the countryside of old Beijing. Following the tenet

  of back to nature’, it has sited a modernized

  comfortable holiday resort in a rural landscape

  characterized by lush groves of trees, aromatic

  crops and wheat, herds of farm animals, and ponds

  teeming with crabs and fishes. In this way, farming

  and hotel operation, city culture and countryside

  scenery, development-generated profits and

  ecological protection may circulate and develop in a

  sustainable way in a natural biological chain.

  Tourists coming here for vacations may try living in

  a farm house and eating farm-style food; they may

  also choose from healthy, safe organic foods in the

  rural supermarket. They have chances to try doing

  farm works and get closer to nature and animals,

  thus learning more about nature and farm science.

  Every year the resort holds many festivals, such as

  Lotus Festival, Crab Festival, Delicacies and Beer

  Festival, Chrysanthemum Festival, Hot Spring

  Festival, and Snow and Ice Festival.

  Ancient-style farm: The farm is composed of 24 old-

  Beijing-style Quadrangle Dwellings, with grey

  bricks, grey tiles, and white-washed walls. They are

  named after traditional trades of handicraft and

  decorated accordingly to show the life of various

  classes of people in old Beijing and the Quadrangle

  Dwelling culture.

  Kaifanlou Restaurant: Unlike the other four

  restaurants, each of which has its own special

  qualities, Kaifanlou is a large farm-style dining

  hall that can house one thousand people. It sells

  genuine farm-style dishes made of high-quality

  organic produces that come from the farm in Crab


  Comprehensive Building: The building, which serves

  for conferences, has 28 meeting rooms well equipped

  with audio, illuminative and electronic devices and

  European style private suites with deluxe waterbeds,

  and offers valet-butler services.

  Agricultural sightseeing area: This 1.8-square-meter

  area combines traditional farming with high-tech

  organic agriculture. Being capable of organic

  agriculture production, it also offers popular

  science education on agriculture, picking for

  leisure, and demonstration of ecological protection


  Hot spring bath center: The center uses 65¡æmineral

  -rich hot spring water that originates from 2,400

  meters underground. It integrates leisure,

  gymnastics, and body beautifying.

  Popular science center: The center, which covers

  13,000 square meters, is capable of popular science

  education, environmental protection promotion, and

  rescue of wild animals.

  Address: No. 1 Xiedao Road, Chaoyang District,



Editor : Zhu Jia

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