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Beijing Country Golf Club

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  The club is located to the west of Chaobai

  River, Mapo Town, Shunyi District. It started to be

  built in late 1988 and was opened in 1990. It was a

  world-class golf course designed, constructed, and

  managed all by Chinese. Covering an area of 3,600 mu

  (240 hectares), it has 54 hit-ways. The total length

  of fairways is 20,903 yards, the par for every 18

  holes is 72. The artificial lake, angling isles, and

  fruit trees add charm to the course.

  The club has the following auxiliary facilities: an

  exercise ground that can hold 40-odd people; an

  indoor swimming pool; a bowling court; a gym, a

  restaurant, a sauna room, a surfing pool, and it

  offers foot massage.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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