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Beijing "Lake of Heaven" and Underground Corridor of Popularizing Electric Power Science

Updated:2008-06-06 10:34 | Source:

  Located on top of the Mang Mount on the left

  bank of the Thirteen Ming Tombs Reservoir of

  Changping District, it is a popular science scenic

  spot. Route: Go along the Badaling Expressway to

  Changping and change to Bus 919. Beijing "Lake of

  Heaven" is the largest man-made pool in our country.

  The pool is 546 meters in elevation, 45 meters in

  depth, 1600 meters in perimeter, and 450,000 cubic

  meters in capacity. The water source is the Thirteen

  Ming Tombs at a height of 85 meters, which is the

  pool of the Thirteen Ming Tombs Reservoir Hydraulic

  Power Plant. The plant is the key project of the 8th

  "five-year plan" of Beijing and the nation, as well

  as one of the key projects of "9511" project of the

  capital. Started in 1989 and completed in 1997, it

  has realized unattended automatic management. As the

  largest pumped storage power plant in the north of

  China, it can provide reliable frequency modulation,

  peak shavingand valley filling, and backup supply

  for emergent accidents, reputed as the "last match

  to light Beijing". The main sights include: "Lake of

  Heaven" stone scripture at a width of three meters

  and a height of four meters; the "Guangong Stage" to

  view the great men's tombs on Maogong Mount; the

  "Guanling Stage" to overlook the panorama of

  Thirteen Tombs Reservoir and the international golf

  court. There is also the highest pseudo-archaic Ming

  Tower and color painting corridor of Beijing.

  The popular science corridor is 1100 meters long, a

  cave leading to the underground workshop of energy

  storage power plant of the Thirteen Ming Tombs.

  There are altogether 101 lamp boxes in the corridor.

  The lamp boxes, pictures, speech and real articles

  combine to introduce the popular science knowledge

  from the discovery of electromagnetic induction in

  1831 to the application of modern power supply; the

  sand table model introduces the principles of energy

  storage power plant of the Thirteen Ming Tombs and

  the composition of the power plant. After going

  through the popular science corridor, one will have

  an all-round and systematic understanding of the

  scientific knowledge of electric power.


Editor : Zhu Jia

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